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Business owners and families have invested a large amount in their commercial and residential property, furnishing it and keeping important documents, valuable items at home. They would like to record if any intruder has entered the house or if people hired especially maidservants are stealing or damaging any item. Since cctv cameras are noticeable and may be tampered, they are interested in purchasing a spy camera which is not noticeable. A spycam pen has become the most popular gadget for spying worldwide since it is not noticeable. Hence many

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wholesale supplier who require spycam pens would like to find out the important specifications when they source products from different suppliers.



One of the most important advantages of using a spycam pen compared to conventional spycams is that most people will not realize that it is a spycam since it looks like a conventional pen. Hence it is easier to record people involved in illegal activity or doing something which they do not want recorded. It is also more convenient to carry the spycam while travelling, it only has to be clipped to the pocket of the shirt or pant or other clothes.The spycam pen can also be used for writing and the seller will usually also supply several refills with the spycam , so that people do not suspect that it is a spycam.

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One of the main specifications of the spycam is the resolution of the camera used for recording video. Usually most cameras have a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels while some have a better resolution of 2304 X 1296 pixels. In some spycams, the user can switch between the different camera resolutions depending on the video quality which is required. The spycam usually also includes a microphone so that audio can be also recorded. Photos can also be taken using the spycam. If audio and video recording is not required, the spycam pen can be switched off, to reduce the power consumption.


The spycam pen has a rechargeable battery and one of the main considerations while choose the spycam is duration for which the spycam can be used for recording video. Usually the spycam manufacturer will clearly specify the duration for which video can be recorded, typically it will record video and audio for one hour to seventy five minutes. If the battery is drained, it will not record any video till it is recharged. A USB cable is also supplied with the spycam and it is used for recharging the spycam battery. To reduce the power consumption, many of the spycams have a motion detector and will record only if some movement is detected.


The duration of the video, audio footage stored on the spycam depends on the memory available. Typically the spycam has a slot in which the user should insert a memory card with 32 GB or 64 GB being the most popular memory sizes used. Usually each time audio, video is recorded, a new file is created. It is advisable to transfer the videos from the memory card or replace the memory card periodically if the audio, video footage will be required in future.

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