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by on 15. April 2024

BBS wheels are globally renowned for their industry-leading performance. It follows a world-class manufacturing process to create wheels that score higher than standard wheels. It can withstand any road condition, including tracks - a feature that earned BBS their Formula 1 contract. 


These wheels come in various colors and finishes to complement a wide range of vehicle aesthetics. From enhancing the visual appeal of sports cars to maximizing the performance of SUVs, BBS wheels are highly acclaimed among drivers, enthusiasts, and tuning experts.  


These wheels provide the perfect marriage of style and functionality that not only improves your vehicle's aesthetics but also its performance. 


Outstanding Features of BBS Wheels


·        German Excellence

BBS was founded in the 1970s by German founders who focused on motorsport performance.


·        Die-forged

Its patented forged wheels technology creates wheels lighter and stronger than standard cast wheels. 


·        Innovative Design

The distinctive spoke patterns, lightweight construction, and strength make BBS a popular choice among automobile owners. 


Choose BBS for Driving Excellence

Throughout its 50-year history, BBS has been celebrated for pioneering forged wheels technology. It has also pioneered other manufacturing techniques with advanced materials to push the boundaries set by standard wheels in the market. 


The company's commitment to excellence and innovation has created a benchmark for excellence when it comes to wheels for your luxury cars. 


Anewset has a wide range of BBS wheels to optimize your car’s performance with unhinged capabilities. Take on any road and terrain with high-quality wheels at Anewset. 

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