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by on 21. December 2021

Do you hate your bridesmaids? We didn’t think so! The bridesmaid squad you've chosen to stand with you, on a single of the most special times of your life are the trusted crew. The ones that hold hair back when you've had too much to drink, they that are there for you when you simply need to unload from the stressful workday! So why would you place them within an ugly, unflattering dress…. We are living in a period when we enable self-love and that we don’t mind if our bestie looks much better than us and how amazing is the fact that! Click

No appear size or shape your bridesmaids are you currently want them to appear and feel amazing on your special day! That is why when choosing your wedding party outfits such modern time you have to take into consideration the next factors

Colours – not all sage green bridesmaid dresses to suit all skin colours so select a colour that works for everyone or embraces uniqueness and go for mismatched colours.

We are human and each body shape is beautiful, your bridesmaids need to select a design that emphasises their personality and contour around perfection!

With friendships at risk, FeelTimes chose to create a collection that allows everybody to select a style and colour that meets them best. No appear body shape, height and complexion there is a method that will suit making your bridesmaids feel amazing!

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