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by on 26. April 2022

The bridesmaid style has come a long way. Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same dress. Today, brides are mixing up with mismatched bridesmaid gowns, creating fantastic ensembles featuring gorgeous gowns with various styles, fabrics, hemlines, and colors. The trend enables you to highlight every individual woman and be sure she's wearing an outfit that makes her feel happy.

Using mismatched bridesmaid gowns presents a brand new set of challenges, however. If it's not done correctly, you can end up with a disjointed-looking wedding party rather than a cohesive, complementary one. The first step is deciding which mismatched route you need to go. Here's a breakdown of every way to do it.

Same Dress Style in Different Colors

If you've found an outfit that you love and want the same silhouette for those (just be sure it's a flattering one!), fear not—you can still embrace the versatility of "mismatched-ness" within your wedding party by choosing different colors.

Same Dress Color in Different Styles

This choice is perfect for the bride-to-be who wants to hold fast to the tradition of everyone in the same color but additionally acknowledges the fabulousness that's diversity among her wedding party. By committing to the same hue yet permitting options in fashion and design, you're acknowledging a golden rule that bridesmaids can appreciate: Not every dress is flattering for everyone. A bonus? Allow your girls to choose their favorite style. They will appreciate the freedom of preference and are certain to be comfortable and happy.

Different Dress Styles and Colors

If you are going to commit to using different maid of honor dresses, you may just want to go full-scale. For a stunning look incorporate both different designs and colors into your wedding party ensemble. You can stick within the same family and play with various tones and hues or make use of the palette of the wedding inspiration when you shop and select. Just be sure that once all dresses are selected, you will find the time to discover their whereabouts together.

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