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The characters of Rook and Bishop, both of whom are members of the Phantom Legion, are discussed in greater depth in the second section of this book than they were in the first section of the book.

These simple wipes, which are simply referred to as Mechanic's Wipes, can only be found in a few specific locations throughout the game. At this point, there is nothing more or less that can be said about the situation.

Although this mechanic is used later in the battle, and it is closer to the end of the battle, this time the Rook conjures stone towers in the shape of chess pieces in order to surround the Bishop, who has been strategically placed in the center of the battlefield, it is not as effective as before. As soon as the towers have been demolished, the fourth member of the party should be assigned to take his or her place, and the towers should be demolished as soon as possible after they have been destroyed. Alternative options include devoting all of the party's resources to destroying the stone towers that would otherwise prevent the Orb from striking the Bishop, and thus completing the mission in this way. If the job is completed correctly on the second attempt, the mechanic is no longer required to complete the job correctly on the first attempt.

If you intend to run your Abyssals on a weekly basis in order to earn that extra chunk of Gold or those potentially valuable Card Packs (which is one of many examples of time-gated content in Lost Ark), you should memorize the system used in this encounter. In order to be successful in this encounter, players must memorize the system that will be used in the encounter that follows it. In general, this mechanic performs in the manner in which one would expect it to perform, which is as follows:As soon as the Phantom King's health bar or his maximum health bar reaches 16 percent or 6 percent of the Phantom King's maximum health bar, respectively, this mechanic is activated. This mechanic will move the Phantom King to the center of the stage and bring Lost Ark gold sale to the center of the stage if the Phantom King's health bar reaches 16 percent or 6 percent of the Phantom King's maximum health bar. It will summon four Illusion Swords to assist it in its endeavors at the precise moment it begins to concentrate its efforts. As soon as the energy channeling process begins, a purple barrier will appear around it to protect it. In order to avoid interruption of the channeling process, this barrier must be in place. As soon as they are captured, each of these Illusion Swords will immediately set out to defeat the player, continuing until they are themselves defeated Lost Ark gold store.

It is possible to be expelled from the game's world and have the game declared complete if the debuff is activated, which can be done by using an Illusion Sword or engaging in combat with a boss while the debuff is active.

When player 1 hits the Boss, the debuff that was applied to him is immediately removed, and player 2 has the ability to grab their sword (which takes an average of about 2 seconds, on average) immediately afterward.

A fraction of a second later, the Phantom King summons two massive cones of constantly exploding cracks in the ground to surround him and surround them with his army. If you are standing directly within one of these concentric rings of explosions, which are caused by the Phantom King's sword, you will suffer severe and constant damage as a result of the explosions. They will continue their journey to the other side of the map once they have reached the other side. They will spawn either north or south of the Phantom King, east or west of the Phantom King, or somewhere in the middle, depending on where they spawned at the start of the game. During this time period, it should be possible to stun the Phantom King, as indicated by the yellow Stagger Check Bar that appears beneath the Phantom King's feet while he is on the ground. In this time period, it is expected that both the Phantom King and the Phantom Queen will be taken completely by surprise at some point. It is imperative that they stop this maneuver as soon as possible and expose the Phantom Legion King to a sustained chain of damage as soon as possible, which will necessitate the use of Stagger Skills as soon as they are able.


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