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by on 2. May 2018

LONDON vans old skool canvas gum , April 1 (Xinhua) -- A 40-year-old woman has become the second British crew member to die in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, organizers announced on Friday.


Sarah Young, 40, a company owner from London, was on board the IchorCoal boat in the Pacific Ocean when she was swept overboard by wind.


Her death follows that of London paramedic Andrew Ashman, who was knocked unconscious in September on board the same boat.


It was announced in a statement on the organizers' website: "Skipper Darren Ladd reports that Sarah was tidying the cockpit after reefing the mainsail in 35-40 knots of wind vans old skool all white , when she was knocked from her position by a wave.


"She fell back toward the guard wire and was swept under it by another wave at 1127 UTC (2227 local). She was not tethered onto the yacht at this time and was swept away in strong winds."


"The boat immediately applied its man overboard drill but was hampered by the conditions and lack of direct visual. Her body was recovered on board using her AIS signal at 1244 UTC (2344 local), and although resuscitation was attempted and telephone assistance provided by the Praxes Medical Group Doctors, the Clipper Race' s remote telemedicine support service, she never regained consciousness.


"The cause of death is yet to be confirmed but is suspected as drowning or exposure."


The incident occurred during the ninth race of the 14-stage event which started in August and covers more than 40,000 nautical miles.


About 40% of participants have never sailed before entering what is the world's longest ocean race, but Young and Ashman are the only fatalities in the race's 20-year history.


More than 700 crew are participating in the 2015-16 edition vans old skool white australia , which left London at the end of August last year and will return there on 30 July.


Governing body loosens its grip on State-dominated market with huge potential, Sun Xiaochen reports.


It's 11 pm on Friday night and the hot scenes at Now Fitness, Beijing's first 24-hour gym in eastern downtown, are pumping adrenaline high enough for another workout session.


The noises of weight plates tapping each other, dumbbells hitting the ground and treadmills running fast mixed with deep breaths and groans sound like a wake-up call for gym members like Lin Peng, a white-collar employee who lives nearby.


"I like the electrifying atmosphere here. It's late at night but the energy doesn't stop at all. Working out at night helps us shake off the mental stress from during the day vans old skool black leather ," said Lin, who has signed up for a one-year membership at Now Fitness.


"It's really convenient to have a gym running 24 hours at your doorstep so you can make use of your spare time even late at night, that's why I think a lot of people love it here," he added.


Inspired by the concept of the 24-hour operations of US-based franchise Anytime Fitness, veteran fitness trainer Yang Bin started his own business by opening Now Fitness in January. He said he has high expectations of taking advantage of the fast-growing public enthusiasm for keeping fit and healthy.


"The passion for fitness has been roaring among urban residents, but a lot of people just don't have time for a workout during the daytime vans old skool black australia , even at weekends. So why not pull pieces of time together and make full use of it at night?" said Yang, who started his career as a fitness trainer in 2003.


Six months on, Now Fitness has attracted 500 members with eight employees including four trainers, and has managed to break even despite operational costs of more than 1 million yuan ($160,000).


"The growing market has provided untapped potential for privately owned businesses to net gains in the sports industry," said Yang , who is preparing to open another gym branch in the northeastern downtown area.


The boom in the fitness industry underscores how spending on sporting events and fitness-related activities has soared against a backdrop of urban consumption that has rapidly shifted toward leisure and recreation in recent years.


With a growing number of domestic and international sporting events held annually, related businesses, including club merchandizing, onsite catering, sales of sporting goods and trading in media rights, have been booming old skool shoes australia , contributing an increasing amount to the turnover of the country's fledgling sports industry.


According to research by Tan Jianxiang, a professor of sports sociology at South China Normal University, the added value of the sports industry reached 340 billion yuan in 2013 and has seen an average annual growth of 13.4 percent since 2008.


"Compared with the flat overall economic growth, the sports industry has grown rapidly over the years. The consumption of intangible products, such as professional league games, fitness guidance and services vans old skool australia , has been an increasingly important driver of the growth," said Tan, a member of the State Council's think tank on sports policy.


Official backing


As China aims to shift its sporting focus from elite gold-medal-winning athletes to improving general levels of public fitness and well-being after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, boosting the sporting sector has become a top priority for the central government.


In October, the State Council, China's Cabinet Adidas Originals Stan Smith White Sale , issued a national development plan for the sports industry, urging the General Administration of Sport of China, the governing body, to loosen its tight grip on the untapped market and allow a larger number of businesses and private investors to enter the industry long dominated by State-owned companies. The policy has been ratified, but has not yet been fully implemented.


It's no surprise that so many players are reaching for a slice of the cake-China's sporting industry is expected to be worth more than 5 trillion yuan by 2025, when it's likely to account for about 1 percent of GDP compared with 0.6 percent in 2012 Adidas Originals Superstar Slip On Trainer Black Restock , according to State Council projection.

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