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by on 6. June 2022

As a result of the release of Diablo 2: Resurrection, Blizzard made a number of changes to the game, including altering the personality of the Amazon.  As stated by the company, Blizzard intends to make these physical appearance changes in order to make the character appear more like a demon hunter as opposed to someone who has just walked out of a nightclub.  According to the company, these changes will give the character a more demon hunter-like appearance, which they claim will increase his appeal.  Providing this justification for the changes that had been implemented in response to the backlash was provided by design director Rob Gallerani, and it was echoed by others in the room.  Others, such as Asmongold, who is one of the most well-known Twitch streamers, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the changes and the reasoning behind them, as has been done by many others.

While participating in a discussion about the changes, Asmongold expressed his dissatisfaction with them, claiming that they were patronizing and that the developers were attempting to promote a political agenda and worldview through the game.  His interest in the game has been completely snuffed out as a result of the events that have transpired.

The question of whether Asmongold had heard that the Amazon's appearance in Diablo 2 had been altered was met with a positive response from him: "Yes, I have. "It doesn't appear to make a difference at all.  Yes, I do in fact own one of these things.  It's not something I'd want to be a part of in the first place. . . Quite a few people don't appear to be overly concerned about this, and I can understand why, but I'm not one of those people.  As for revisionism, on the other hand, that is something I would like to avoid at all costs, just as I would avoid any form of historical revisionism.  My excitement grows as the prospect of spending some time with a video game approaches.  That they are attempting to make amends for the fact that they molested people in their office to the point where they are changing the rules of the game offends me, and I find it particularly offensive.  As a participant, I find this to be downright offensive.  Furthermore, I believe that the manner in which Diablo 2 resurrected runes for sale is expressed is patronizing and condescending in nature.  During the course of the game, the players are held accountable for the majority of their decisions and decisions are made about them.

This piece of work does not have any artistic integrity when viewed from a critical perspective.  The use of video games to promote artistic expression is no longer the norm; instead, they are used to promote an agenda and a worldview, rather than the reverse.  Aside from the fact that I am not required to participate, I am not particularly interested in participating in such an activity if I am not required to do so.  When it comes down to it, that is all there is to it when it comes to the crunch.

It is possible to leave your thoughts in the comments section, or you can reach out to me on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know that D2 ladder runes for sale have done so by tweeting me to let me know that Diablo 2 resurrected items have done so.  Asmongold believes that Blizzard made the wrong decision, but do buy D2 items think they made the right decision in making these adjustments? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  As an alternative, the gaming news network website provides in-depth coverage of everything related to gaming, including the latest developments in Diablo, Twitch, and Asmongold.  Additional information can be found on the Gaming News Network website.


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