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by on 20. June 2022

Elden Ring, developed and published by FromSoftware, has maintained its position as the video game with the highest aggregate rating among those that have been made available for purchase so far in the year 2022. The cheap Elden Ring runes was an instant phenomenon when it was first released, but FromSoftware has been hard at work refining and expanding the game ever since. These improvements have come in the form of consistent game patches that fix outstanding issues, expand the available content, and more. Fans can now download the most recent update for Elden Ring, and developer FromSoftware has detailed all of the new features and improvements as well as any bug fixes.

On Xbox, the Elden Ring update 1.05 is approximately 4.14 gigabytes in size, and it is now available for download on all other platforms. The Twin Maiden Husk NPC, who can be found in the Roundtable Hold, is the subject of the recent headline-making adjustment. After downloading the update, the liberated status of certain Bell Bearing items will carry over to New Game+. In particular, the liberated status of the following Bell Bearing items will be carried over: Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing, Meat Peddler's Bell Bearing, Medicine Peddler's Bell Bearing, Gravity Stone Peddler's Bell Bearing, Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing, Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing, Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing,

Players of ER Runes will also observe some changes to the gameplay when interacting with Sites of Grace and engaging in co-op play with other players. When Elden Ring players are able to level up their Sacred Flask, there will now be more of an emphasis placed on it, and there will be sound effects that play whenever a player's summon sign appears. Even though these are relatively minor adjustments in the grand scheme of things, fans of FromSoftware's open world epic should notice an improvement in their quality of life as a result of both of these changes.

The most recent patch eliminates a large number of bugs relating to the Elden Ring and also makes a number of other adjustments and fixes. Bugs that were present in skills such as Barbaric Roar, War Cry, and Troll's Roar have all been rectified with the most recent update for Elden Ring. Additionally, bugs that were present in weapons such as Moonlight Greatsword have also been fixed. A number of bugs that affected Elden Ring bosses have also been fixed, including one that caused the notoriously challenging Malenia to have low health and another that prevented players from successfully completing the boss fight against the God-Devouring Serpent. Due to the fact that FromSoftware has fixed a bug that previously allowed players to attack bosses without first going through their fog doors, it appears that certain strategies that players have been employing to gain an advantage against certain bosses will no longer be effective. It is well known that this strategy worked for Commander Niall in Castle Sol in the past; however, there will need to be some testing done in order to determine whether or not this particular cheese can be obtained after the most recent update.

In addition to these bug fixes, Cheap ER gold update 1.05 improves the game's stability, online performance, and—at least in the case of Xbox—the load times appear to be even quicker. While fans wait for information on DLC, this Elden Ring update should prove to be another worthwhile addition.

Elden Ring Update 1.05 Patch Notes

The following Bell Bearing items have had their liberated status updated as a result of interactions with the non-player character Twin Maiden Husk. This update will be carried over to the NG+ version of the game.

BoneMeat or Bearing Sold by Peddler's BellBearings or Medicine Sold by the Peddler's BellPeddler's Bell Bearing/GravityStoneStone Used for Smithing and Bearing Bells Used by PeddlersSomberstone with the Miner's Bell BearingGlovewort, also known as Miner's Bell BearingPicker's Bell Bearing, also referred to as Ghost-GlovewortPicker's Bell Bearing

The choice of the Sacred Flask and several other options that can be strengthened in the grace menu have been given additional weight and attention.

Sound effects have been added for when the summon signs of other players appear.

The vast majority of those patch notes are devoted to fixing bugs rather than adjusting gameplay, but there are a couple of changes that you should take note of, especially if you are playing through The Lands Between in New Game+. Bell Bearing items that you offer to the Twin Maiden Husk will not lose their liberated status in NG+ if you are perusing the wares that they have to offer. In the past, the items did not carry over to subsequent playthroughs of the game. Aside from that, FromSoft claims that it has emphasized the choice of the Sacred Flash as well as several other options that are available in the grace menu that can be strengthened, although it is unclear exactly how these adjustments have been made. Finally, the patch will add a sound effect that will play whenever another player uses a summon sign. This will allow you to get a slightly better sense of what is going on around you while playing cooperatively.

A few of the bug fixes address issues with bosses, such as Malenia, Radahn, and the God-Devouring Serpent, while others address problems with specific skills that did not function as intended. Others fix problems with certain sites of grace not appearing on your map, improve online stability between PS4 and PS5, and solve audio problems. Players who play on Xbox should also be pleased, as update 1.05 makes loading times faster on Xbox Series X consoles as well.

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