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by on 28. July 2022

Citicoline is a relatively inexpensive generic drug, which is an activator of brain metabolism, which can promote brain cell respiration, improve brain function, enhance the function of the activation system of the ascending reticular structure, promote awakening, and reduce cerebrovascular resistance.

The role and efficacy of citicoline are mainly used for the treatment of organic sequelae of the nervous system caused by brain injury and cerebrovascular accident. Citicoline itself is a brain metabolism activator, which can promote the nutrition and metabolism of brain nerve cells, improve brain structure and function, and enhance the conduction function of the reticular ascending activation system, which can promote recovery and reduce cerebrovascular resistance. Therefore, this drug is used for acute craniocerebral trauma, surgery, cerebral infarction, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, vascular dementia, acute poisoning, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, sleeping pill poisoning, alcohol poisoning, etc. Consciousness disorders, all have a certain degree of improvement.


Citicoline is suitable for use in the following situations:

1. Citicoline is mainly used for the disturbance of consciousness after acute craniocerebral trauma and brain surgery.

2. Citicoline can also be used for disturbance of consciousness in the acute phase of cerebral infarction.

3. Citicoline can be used for ischemic cerebrovascular disease, vascular dementia, tinnitus and neural deafness.

4. Citicoline can also be used for coma and disturbance of consciousness caused by acute poisoning, infection, and massive cerebral infarction.

5. Citicoline contributes to the recovery of upper and lower limb function in patients with stroke sequelae and post-stroke hemiplegia, and can be used together with drugs that promote cerebral metabolism and cerebral circulation. But only within one year after the onset, and in the cases of functional rehabilitation training and usual oral drug therapy (cerebral metabolism activator, cerebral circulation drug improvement, etc.), the lower extremity hemiplegia is relatively mild.

6. The following diseases can be treated with proteolytic enzyme inhibitors.

⑴ acute pancreatitis.

⑵ acute exacerbation of chronic recurrent pancreatitis.

(3) Postoperative acute pancreatitis.

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