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However, in addition to Huang Qiang, the three-eyed divine eagle and Junshan Shuangcan are all old Jianghu, but they have lost their heads. I can't imagine when there was such an artistic and beautiful person in the martial arts world. So for a moment, they all froze there and forgot to say thank you. Only Huang Qiang saw and heard less. As soon as he saw the old nun walking up to him, Ma Bu knelt down and said, "The older generation has the same kindness. I dare not repay the great virtue. Please accept the worship of the younger generation." Only then did the three-eyed eagle and Junshan Shuangcan become alert and kneel down in a panic. When their bodies were only half bowed, the steep fumigation wind was blown, and under the old man's one-handed swing, everyone was supported by a soft force. I can't kneel anymore. But Huang Qiang is an exception, although in the middle of the bow. The body paused, or knelt down, kowtowed three times, and then stood up. The old nun looked at Huang Qiang in amazement and said, "Hey, little benefactor, you are so skillful. It seems that you are really a disciple of a woman in the sea and the sky. She is the only one in the world who can teach such an excellent disciple. But why did she only teach you a set of incomplete" Star Sequence and Sky Walking Steps "? Otherwise The old demon of poisonous bones is a little more powerful, and there is no need for the poor nun to do it for him. As soon as the words came out, Huang Qiang couldn't help thinking, "Why do they all regard me as the heir of a woman from the sea and the sky?"? Is she still alive? ?" After thinking about it, when he was waiting to explain, the three-eyed eagle had already rushed to say everything about him briefly. Old Ni just is suddenly enlightened the ground says: "Ah, so, this is no wonder Luo." Just then, Huang Qiang suddenly felt that Junshan Shuangcan was quietly moving aside, ready to slip away, while they were lying to the house nun and were not paying attention. He couldn't help feeling anxious. He shouted at the top of his voice, "One-eyed thief, stop with me quickly.". Otherwise, don't blame the young master for being rude to you. However, when Junshan Shuangcan heard his loud drink,lamella clarifer, he not only kept running, but turned his head and went to Linnei. When Huang Qiang was about to get up and chase him, the old nun suddenly dragged him from the side. At the same time, he waved to the two disabled and said, "Little benefactor, don't embarrass them. The real murderer is not them. Besides, the middle-aged scholar is not dead." As soon as the words came out, not only were Huang Qiang and the three-eyed eagle taken aback, but even the disabled could not help but stop. They turned around and asked in disbelief, "What? The middle-aged scholar didn't die. It's true." Old Ni nod: "Hum, although did not die, but also with dead difference not much is." What kind of life is this? Death is death. Not dead is not dead. How can it be that not dead is almost the same as dead? Scan: qxhcixi OCR :gxg24 Chapter 13 the old nun passes on his skill to balance his misfortune in prison. Let's talk about Huang Qiangli's fight against poisonous bones and skeletons. In the end, the old devil suddenly bit his fingertips from high altitude and used his last trick, "Poisonous Blood Search Soul", with the intention of catching Huang Qiang and the three-eyed divine eagle in one net. Even his Junshan Shuangcan was calculated without scruple. Seeing that everyone was about to be robbed, a centenarian nun suddenly flew out of the forest. He not only repelled him with one move, filter nozzle ,Rotating sludge scraper, but also pushed him far away with a gentle wind, together with the rain of blood he had sprinkled. Finally, at the moment of crisis, he closed the door of death and saved everyone. After the old devil escaped, everyone came forward to thank him. The old nun suddenly asked about the origin of Huang Qiang's martial arts, so the three-eyed eagle rushed to tell him what had happened to him briefly. By this time, Junshan Shuangcan had come over clearly from the panic, fearing that Huang Qiang and others would retaliate against them, and immediately took advantage of their distracted conversation to move quietly to the side, ready to sneak away. Did not know had not had time to slip away, the action was discovered by Huang Qiang, Huang Qiang shouted at that time, immediately got up to catch them back. Seeing this, the old nun quickly grabbed him and said, "Don't embarrass them, little benefactor. The real murderer is not them. Besides, the middle-aged scholar is not dead.". " As soon as the words came out, not only Huang Qiang and the three-eyed divine eagle were all taken aback, but even if they were disabled, they could not help but stop. They asked in an almost incredulous tone: "What middle-aged scholar is not dead? Is this true?" Old Ni nodded and said: "Well, although he is not dead, he is almost dead." What is this, dead is dead, not dead is not dead, how can not be dead and dead almost? Rao is Huang Qiang extremely clever, three eyes divine carving experience, after hearing this, also can not help but make inexplicable, can not think of a reason. Therefore, he could not help looking at the old man blankly, even forgetting to ask questions. Seeing this, the old nun did not immediately give an explanation, but made a move to Junshan with his hand and said, "You two should come back. The old nun still has a few words to ask you." Strange to say, Junshan Shuangcan was so gently raised her hand, immediately sucked by something like, the body immediately involuntarily back to this side. Old Ni waits for them to be close to before the body, just begin to say: "What name does that middleaged scholar call? What thing did you rob from his body?" This question is exactly what Huang Qiang and the three-eyed Diao are concerned about, so after asking, they all quickly turned their heads and looked at the two remnants with burning eyes. "The middle-aged scholar's name is Huang Tianxing. We don't know what the elder Poisonous Bones took from him. We were just ordered to hunt down and kill a big man in Tsing Yi." Huang Qiang's eyes were shining with cold light. He couldn't help shouting and asked, "In that case, my uncle Yi should have been killed by you two." Double disabled can not help but be frightened to step back and said; "No, no, not us, he has been in the poison bone elder a touch heart palm, poison bone elder because also from the yellow day line of the body, search a what thing, so just call us two people for him to chase, to the time of the forest, his injury has broken out, we touch haven't touched him,rapid sand filters, give you stopped?" Huang Qiang seems to be a little not quite believe, Old Ni was afraid that he would do something bad to the double disabled, so he immediately said:.

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