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"Don't hide it from me any more. When I see Ziyi, I feel strange. If you don't tell me, I always have a way to find out for myself.". However, if I want to find out for myself, then you should not appear in front of me again. "Lady." Han Ling pulled me with a helpless face. Lady, originally do not say, because, these past events, since in the drink Meng Po soup when forgotten, do not increase the trouble. What's more, lady, your body is so weak now, if you really know what happened a thousand years ago, you are excited because of this, what will happen again, what do you want me to do? Don't worry, I have a good resistance to pressure. I just want to know what happened between me and you two. Han Ling sighed and finally decided to tell me. This thing has to start from a place called Mexico thousands of years ago. Chapter 250 there is a goddess in the country of Mexico. Mexico is a country that has never appeared in the history of China. According to Han Ling's words, this country of Mexico is a parallel world with China,fish measuring tape, the same reason as the underworld and China are parallel worlds. Mexico is a country that believes in witchcraft. The highest ranking Mage in Mexico is called the High Priest. The high priest, on the other hand, can only be a woman. Every high priest in Mexico is the direction pointed out by the former high priest before his death. Then, according to the direction pointed out by the former high priest, the priests find a little girl called reincarnated goddess, bring her into the shrine, and gradually train her to become a priest. Finally,Pi tape measure, after testing, she can become the chief high priest. And I am the most famous high priest in Mexico. When I was a child, after I was taken to the shrine, I was taken by the old priest. In Mexico, priests are not actually allowed to marry. However, one year, a place called Li, which was adjacent to Mexico, had become one of the most powerful countries in the continent where Mexico was located after a period of development. Li had long wanted to develop and grow, so Li decided to attack Mexico. In terms of area, Li has a much larger population than Mexico, and the people of Li have always been brave and good at fighting, so Li has a large number of troops. And Mexico, tape measure clip ,Walking measuring wheel, because of the belief in witchcraft, the use of the army itself is not the same, the main use of the witch army. The so-called sorcery army is not based on physical recruitment, but mainly based on sorcery, supplemented by the principles of the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams. The weakness of such an army is that if it meets a large number of opponents, it is easy to be consumed. Mexico loves peace and will never provoke any country. However, Li is not the same, they have been hiding their light, waiting for the day when the country becomes strong, and then expand the power of their own country. Li launched a war, and the border of Mexico was in an emergency. Because of the rapid attack of Li, a large number of people died on the border of Mexico in a few days. It turned out that Li was caught off guard in this war. Moreover, in order to win this war, Li did not know where to find a very powerful mage, who also understood the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams, and even used the magic to summon magic soldiers. In this way, the border of Mexico was cracked, which increased the death of the people of Mexico. In the face of such a thing, in order to reduce casualties and defend the country, Mexico had to let the high priest take action directly. The status of the high priest in Mexico is very high, and the main duty of the high priest in peacetime is to protect the prosperity of Mexico. And there are special priests in charge of the war. However, no one thought that this time the high priest's action was the beginning of her fate. In my previous life, as a high priest, I never had a chance to see a man before I went to war. In order to be able to protect the country of Mexico, the ruler of the country of Mexico at that time selected some talented people from the people to go to the battlefield. Finally, one person stood out and was named General of Demon Conquering by the ruler. And this demon-conquering general is Han Ling. Among the magic soldiers of Li, there was a ghost who sneaked out. He has no memory, only that he has been wandering in the world for a long time. Li's strategist lied to him that he could have anything he wanted as long as he helped Li win. But when he got to the border, there was a river of blood, and a large number of people died. And he became the devil in the mouth of the Mexican people, and everyone hid when they saw him. He doesn't think he's happy at all. So, he sneaked out, trying to find the most sincere feelings. I want to find out whether I am really so heinous that everyone hates me. Perhaps it was because he had no previous memory that he felt lonely. I want more people around me to understand me. Li's strategist deceived him with false appearances, but because it was deception, there would be no sincerity. After a long time, he understood that the strategist wanted to use only his power. After he escaped, he traveled around the world. He thought he would see something different, but what he saw was desolate. Because of the war, there is no happiness at all in the border area, let alone someone will talk to him. He soon reached the national highway and met the chariots and horses of the high priest. High Priest. She has powerful spiritual powers. And this ghost has never met a person with such powerful spiritual power. The high priest smelled hostility in the ghost. I even smelled blood on the ghost. So she decided to subdue the ghost. And the boring ghost, because it is rare to meet such an opponent, is very excited to see the high priest. When the high priest lifted the curtain,Fish measuring board, through the veil, the ghost could still feel that the high priest under the veil was a beauty as beautiful as moonlight. He was surprised at the beauty of the high priest, but did not expect that the other side was ready to subdue him as soon as he came up.

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