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After lunch, the four little sisters should leave. Yan Ran helped them with their luggage and sent them to the car one by one. When they arrived at Wu Mo, Yan Ran reminded them: "If you don't want to die, send them away. You were cheated by the unscrupulous sorcerer. That can only bless you temporarily. After a long time, it will bite you back." Wu Mo stared at Yan Ran impatiently, looking at Yan Ran's eyes, like looking at a meddlesome idiot, this kind of thing she did not want to let others know, but Yan Ran has been mentioning, even if the country people are old superstitious, will see such a little thing, do not have to say all the time! A man, do you want to break your mouth? Wu Mo got into the car and closed the door without giving Yan Ran a good face. Luo Yutong, who was in the same car with her, frowned slightly. As a senior in the circle, she was also an actor who struggled to climb up from the bottom step by step. In fact,interactive digital whiteboard, she didn't like Wu Mo, a young actor who was popular but had no works. Just got very good care here, Yan Ran seems not how she, this girl eat and drink enough to throw what face? As soon as Wu Mo twisted her face, she immediately turned into a well-dressed face. "Is Sister Yutong going back to the crew?" Luo Yutong felt that after Wu Mo got on the bus, the temperature in the whole car dropped. It was a little cold for no reason. She smiled gently and quietly suppressed the doubts in her heart. She said with a smile, "Yes,smartboards in classrooms, I want to go to the crew." As for the rest, I don't want to say any more. ———— I don't know how the matter of stealing fish was known by Mr. Yan of Kunlun Mountain. He also asked Yan Ran with concern: "Someone came to steal fish?" Yan Ran: People's hearts are not ancient! Even fish are stolen, the heart is broken! Grandpa Yan: I think so. How can you steal fish! Cats can't stand this kind of thing! Yan Ran: There is also a female star who raises a little devil. The little devil doesn't know who gave it to her. He protects himself against evil spirits. He is about to become an evil spirit. She said that she also scolded me for being sick. People's hearts are not ancient! Grandpa Yan: When your second master asked you to learn metaphysics from your fifth grandfather, you didn't learn it. Now you can't see anything. What else can you do besides eating fish? Isn't it a merit to cross over that little devil? Yan Ran: No way, I follow you. Grandpa Yan:.. Yan Ran, as a winner, succeeded in making Grandpa speechless. In a flash of space, a red spirit tore the space and an old man with a red beard came out. Grandpa Five? Yan ran jumped up reflexively and opened the wardrobe in fright, which he wanted to hide in. The red-bearded old man angrily carried him over, shook him, and asked grumpily, interactive touch screens education ,smart interactive whiteboard, "What are you running for?"! Stupid boy! Yan ran speechless, every time we meet so irritable, who is not afraid, who does not run? The old man threw a book to Yan Ran and said, "Teach yourself!"! I can't learn to put you in the crater to roast kittens! Then he turned around and left, tearing the space like playing. Yan Ran wanted to cry. Among these grandfathers, it was Grandpa Wu who was the most fierce. When they were young, when they saw Grandpa Wu, they hid away and put them on the volcano to roast kittens, giant pandas, three-headed dogs, foxes and tortoises. Who didn't run away?! Besides, how could he learn such a complicated thing? And self-study? He doesn't know these old words. How can he learn this by himself? Yan Ran had to find his grandfather: "What does the fifth grandfather mean?"? Old Yan replied angrily, "Then learn by yourself. A normal demon will know what's going on at a glance.". Yan Ran: ".." "If you don't understand, ask Qin Jinli. He can do everything.". I don't want you to learn much from a few old guys. I just want you to be able to do the same thing and protect yourself when necessary. ” Yan ran secretly rubbed the epic divine book in the legend of the metaphysical world and threw it into the space pocket. Is it necessary to work so hard? When there is a bad guy, he raises the scales of the fish brother and shouts: "Fish brother, save me!" " Isn't the bad guy gone? If Yan Ran's grandfathers knew that he had this idea, they would definitely organize a group to beat him! Chapter 58 you keep a cat behind my back! Yan Ran decided to read the metaphysical book given to him by his fifth grandfather as a bedtime story book, put it in his space pocket, and then take it out when he couldn't sleep. Around the fish pond has begun to build a fence, Yan ran every day to inspect a circle, mainly to see his fish, no problem. Before he could go back, Wang Yiming called him: "The equipment for making fish balls is here. Would you like to come and play?" Yan ran was curious and went to join in the fun. Wang Yiming had already looked at the instructions and wanted to play with them enthusiastically. No matter how old the boy was, he seemed to have no resistance to such things as machinery. "This kind of machine uses the mutual squeezing of the rolling meat bucket and the transmission rubber belt to squeeze the fish into the meat bucket and leave the skin and bones outside the meat bucket." The fish skin and bones are sent to this basket. Then the fish is mashed up, and here it is, squeezed into balls. Yan ran was interested in the past, "have a good time!" "We need to put the seasoning and starch in this basket and let the machine mix the fish and seasoning well. You have to do this. I don't know how much to put in." Yan Ran picked up a catty of fish prepared in advance, and put how much seasoning should be used for this catty of fish in a small dish. "You weigh it, so much for a catty, and don't forget to ask the guests for processing fees." Wang Yiming said with a bad smile, "Don't worry, you'll be able to earn the machine money back soon." Wang Yiming was right. As soon as this machine came out, many people who caught fish in the No.2 area did not look for fish ponds to recycle. They all took them to the processing point for processing. The market price of ordinary fish balls was eight yuan a catty, and there was a lot of starch. People did not know how to make them. It is said that there is only edible glue inside, which can bounce up more than one meter high when thrown on the ground. After the fish is brought here, someone will help slaughter it and do it by himself. Any special requirements can be met. One catty of fish balls only costs three yuan, and ten catties only costs thirty yuan. Customers feel that they have earned their money and are very happy when they leave with their booty. Wang Yiming also made a profit,smart boards for conference rooms, because he had paid two hundred yuan for fishing, and the market price of these fish was just a few yuan per catty. After processing, he could earn another 2.8 yuan per catty of fish balls without seasoning.

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