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"Xizi, you say!" West turned to look at the distant eyes, smiling more deeply, "promise." "Yes!" Seeing that he really wanted to say, he suddenly pressed his mouth and gnashed his teeth! West!! Reach out to encircle, patted the back, motioned to put down the hand, "just make it up, and you will know whether it is true or false." The sound of contempt rose and fell one after another. Here, pass it. Jiuyuan mixed the wine, and Xi motioned to bring it over, that is to say, he refused to answer the first question. How many children should you agree to drink liquor and answer? Ah? Ah Leo was so tickled that he turned to Yao and said, "Boy, do you have the heart to see your husband drink?" Yaohao nodded hesitantly, "you can rest assured to drink, drink too much to take care of you, the slightest will dislike." …… "Second question, when and where was the first time?" "Five years ago, the room was fine." Is the young master special'official 'answer. Although cherishes the word like gold, but 'on the room' also lets the exclamation piece,interactive panels for education, straight calls the romance. The third question is to ask two men and two women. Both Yao and Xi said they had never said goodbye, nor had they slept goodbye. When China once again called it romantic, Britain was incomprehensibly surprised and said, "Strange China." "The second project is far from being trapped." As if he hadn't heard the mess of questions that followed, he spoke directly to control the process. It's all the same old stuff. I want to see it. Come on, open your mouth. Leo took the twelve candies mixed from the dinner plate, six for Sai Yao and six for Xi. Red and yellow,75 inch smart board, you separate with your mouth. It is not difficult for me, and it is not to baffle, the purpose is very simple, is to see two tongue kiss. West used the tip of her tongue to roll away the second yellow one on the left side of her mouth. Yao told me that the innermost one was red, and he moved his lips and tongue to push it to the front and sucked it away easily. After going back and forth several times, Yao's mouth was all red, and Xi's mouth was all yellow. It was a very tacit cooperation and a very good completion. Number three, you get in bed, you throw.. Leo observed what they were wearing. "Ten things." By this time, I had already changed my bathrobe and clothes, but ten pieces were really difficult. "You can throw it." Lucy got up, opened the gate and motioned, "You all go out." Of course, he was willing to leave, but when he was ordered to leave, smart board touch screen ,digital interactive whiteboard, the golden bachelor was afraid that he would be retaliated more miserably when he got married. After all, he did not dare to do it again and left willingly. Leo went to the door and turned around and asked Yao, "Boy, what did you promise Xizi?" The answer was a heavy kick and the sound of the door closing. You kicked again, you kicked three feet today, Xizi, can you go too far. Leo's crying was blocked out of the door, Siin's howling and chuckling, and when he looked back, he saw the tenderness of his eyes, and his heart was suddenly soft. He took a few steps to take him off the sofa and put him on the bed. Let me count a few things on you. The side is hooking the tip of the tongue to kiss, the hand side is honest to take off the clothes. Clothes and trousers two altogether four, let throw under the bed, the underwear is skillfully untied, so far five, two pieces of cover, two underpants, in addition to the wedding ring on the hand, no more. To the upper and lower hands, Jiao panting again and again, sometimes chuckling, late seems to be in a very good mood, "Leo is treacherous, including the ring is nine things, but to throw out ten things, is to want to throw you out?" Already conscious under the offensive, only to hear that throw out, immediately find the normal voice, charming said, "you dare." Then, it provoked a more fierce attack. —— The best years meet each other, and the best years lose each other, fortunately, the best years meet each other. Perhaps want to say, why four years ago and four years later are the best years, the gentleman replied, meet, no matter when, are the best years. The heartbeat of the first meeting, the desire to stop kissing for the first time, the crazy thought of parting for the first time, and the pain of losing for the second time. Manage good and bad, are precious time, can chat to amuse, can remember life. The story of husband and wife will end forever, and they will live together,smart board for conference room, which is just the beginning. At the beginning of the story, the husband coaxed his wife to help give birth to a daughter. But as the day wished, the wife's over-ambitious belly gave birth to the little devil of the world. hsdsmartboard.com

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