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Under the ebb and flow, there was no suspense at the beginning of the battle. Even at night, elven archers can clearly see 500 meters away, especially the night elves of the elven royal family. This time, the elves who can become horned eagle knights are all the real elite carefully selected by Anya, as natural archers. It is almost impossible for them to make mistakes. The battle began quickly and ended even faster. When three hundred East Dragon warriors fell from the sky, bringing a bloody light to Chengtou, the elf warriors in the air also completed three rounds of salvos. Apart from sporadic screams, there was not even a single soldier in the West African city who could resist. Enemy! Sound the magic alarm! At the gates, responsible for guarding the gates out of the remaining West African city of the city defense force is not right. Their reaction was quick, and a bright silver light rose into the air, and a shrill scream spread throughout the city of West Africa. However. That was all the dozens of city guards could do, and before they could be surprised by the three hundred birds floating in the alarm-lit sky, the cold light was already Now, in the face of this ordinary soldier, the East Dragon Warrior even does not need the wind to blow through his skills, taking away the dust-like life. Boom. Beamon legion followed the dragon-wolf cavalry of death to the gates of West Africa, but the drawbridge had been put down. The open city gate of West Africa is like a virgin taking off her last pair of underpants, completely presented in front of the division of tigers and wolves in Qin City. Ye Yinzhu looked up at the silver brilliance of the magic alarm that slowly dispersed in the air. There was a sneer on his face. "Alarm?"? All right, save to break one by one. Qin belongs to the city,thermal imaging camera, into the city, back against the gate, ready to fight. In midair, under Oliveira's delicate command, the horned eagle knights dispersed in parallel for the first time, forming a wonderful arc, with the head of the horned eagle inward,digital whiteboard price, and the elf archer's short work was already full of deadly arrows. Dryad druids were the first to mount Chengtou, occupy the commanding heights, and take out their self-produced and self-sold spears. When all the legions of Qin City entered the city of West Africa and pulled up the suspension bridge again, the city guards rushed over. But the number is only about two thousand people, including even weapons are not slack, clothes are scattered, it is like a group of lost dogs. What's wrong? What happened and who sounded the alarm? A somewhat angry voice came over. As the city guard of West Africa, Rashid was in bed with his wife before the alarm sounded, and suddenly there was a harsh sound that made his most exciting part disappear immediately. In anger, the castle guard adults immediately with the alarm was awakened by the castle guards rushed over. When he was approaching the city gate, his anger suddenly increased. In Rashid's view, someone must have pulled the alarm by mistake, if there is an enemy, how can this Chengtou be so calm, facial recognization camera ,interactive kiosk price, even the gates are still closed. The night was dark and windy, and he was so sleepy that he didn't see the situation at the city gate not far away. Bah. Rashid spat. "Damn it, don't let me know who turned on the alarm by mistake, or I'll skin him." "Hum!" Just then, a strange sound suddenly came into Rashid's ears. The sound was like thousands of wasps flying out of a hornet's nest that suddenly woke up. Then, with a strong voice, he felt a chill in his chest, and his whole body was lifted from the back of the strong wildebeest. Once again, Rashid's body was firmly nailed to the ground. The sight of eight hundred dryad druids at the same time was absolutely spectacular, especially when they threw their spears from a commanding position. Piercing damage to the extreme, plus a salvo of three hundred elf archers, did not wait for the West African city defense forces to understand, more than two thousand people fell down. Qin City mixed legion, enough to fight against ten times their own combat power, at this time, the number of enemies is even less than them, any Qin City legion can easily tear up these enemies in front of them. Ye Yinxiu and Oliveira pursue speed, the speed of destruction. As a result, when the first round of salvo was over, none of the more than two thousand men brought by the city guard Rashid was standing. Dryad Druids and Elf Archers solved half of it, and the other half was done by Dragon Wolves. As a level seven Warcraft, Dragon Wolves'long-range attacks may not be as far as Dryad Druids and Elf Archers, but the intensity is much higher. The dark ice double magic bombs they spewed from their mouths devoured the lives of the remaining enemies at the first time. Mountain giant Ming stood beside Ye Yinzhu, as a member of Qin City, he could not help but marvel at the scene in front of him, "This is the end.". This is not a war at all, but a massacre. "Lord Qin Di, do you have something to eat?" Gelasius doesn't care about the killings. Previously, these West African city guards were not interested in his killings at all. What he cares more about in his heart is obviously the word "eat". Ye Yinzhu smiled indifferently, "of course, the granary of West Africa City, you can eat enough." The sound of the dragon flapping its wings sounded, and Oliveira jumped down from the back of his riding dragon. "Yin Xiu, it's done." Ye Yinzhu nodded and said, "Let's begin.". Horned Eagle Knights are responsible for cleaning up the remnants of the city defense forces, the other Qin City, began to act. Remember, don't disturb the civilians in the city. Your targets are nobles and officials. Money, equipment and resources are transported to the East Gate. Start now. Hurry up. You only have one night. "Yes-" Episode 1 Qin Magician Chapter 189 Stripped "Virgin West Africa" (middle) Fen's emotions first hit the faces of these big men of the Beamon Legion, which is what orcs are best at. But the druid's own expression seemed a little unnatural. Wait a minute. Remember three points for me. There is no mercy for raping women, killing civilians indiscriminately, and resisting. Ye Yinzhu's voice was calm, even without a trace of murderous look, but when he killed the three without mercy,smart whiteboard price, even the mythical beast Gelasius around him was somewhat silent. Everyone knows that Ye Yinxiu is not joking with them. When the end of the six Qingcheng, in the city of Qin, Ye Yinxiu's prestige has already reached the point where no one can. hsdtouch.com

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