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by on 9. September 2022

Li Pinghou jumped out at the fastest speed and caught the body of King Jinlong, but Li Tianqiu's strength was so great that he rolled down to the ground together. When Li Tianqiu saw that the fall did not kill King Jinlong, he stepped on his chest again. Li Pinghou hurriedly pushed King Jinlong away and went up to meet him! When Li Tianqiu's foot touched his body, he quickly withdrew his strength and said, "Why did you save him?" Li Pinghou sat up and said, "Father!"! You already killed his mother. We can't kill him anymore. Li Tianqiu was stunned. Li Pinghou turned to King Jinlong and said, "Go!"! If you want to avenge your dead mother, you should go to practice martial arts and find a real object.. King Jinlong pointed at Li Tianqiu and shouted, "This old thief has reached the peak of his martial arts.." Li Pinghou said with a straight face, "If a man is determined, there is nothing he can't do. What kind of hero are you if you vent your anger on a weak woman? What good will it do you to kill her?" King Jinlong gnashed his teeth and said, "At least I can't let you get her." Li Pinghou had an angry look on his face and said, "Are you talking like a man?"! Abandon your relatives and enemies, but commit suicide for a woman. If you say that again, even I want to kill you! King Jinlong suddenly covered his face and cried, "You'd better kill me!"! I can't beat the old thief even if I practice for decades! It's better to die at your hands than to be killed by him in the future. Li Pinghou walked over,White Marble Slabs, stretched out his hand and gave him a mouth. "Why are you so worthless?" He shouted. King Jinlong was slapped by him, and his eyes began to show a fierce light again, but Li Pinghou took off his sword without fear and handed it to him. Then he stretched out his hand and took out two fans from his bosom and gave them to him, saying, "These are my precious swords. What is recorded on the fans is Shura's swordsmanship. If you take them and use them well for a few years, you may be able to help you get revenge." King Jinlong took the fan and said with a look of disbelief,Carrara Marble Slab, "Did you really give it to me?" "Of course it's true," said Li Pinghou and Zhuang Rong! This set of swordsmanship is the only martial art that can surpass my father's. It's no use for me to stay around. I'd better give it to you! King Jinlong was stunned and did not know why. "Why don't you go?" Li Pinghou shouted again. King Jinlong thought for a moment, put the fan away, but returned the sword to him. Li Pinghou shook his head inexplicably and refused: "If you don't use this precious sword, you still can't play the knife skill on the fan.." King Jinlong straightened his face and said, "If I want revenge in the future, even you can't let it go." "I don't care," said Li Pinghou indifferently. "You don't care, I do," said King Jinlong. "At least I can't kill you with the weapons you gave me, and I can't kill you with the martial arts you passed on to me." Li Pinghou was stunned and said, Pietra Gray Marble ,Agate Slabs For Sale, "Your words are very ambitious. Why did you accept my Shura Double Fan?" King Jinlong said, "I didn't accept the two fans because I wanted to practice the above martial arts, and I will never open the fan to have a look before I have achieved my martial arts." "Then what are you going to do with the fan?" Asked Li Pinghou in surprise. King Jinlong said coldly, "I'm only going to see you once in my life. Then I'll try my best to fight you, and I must be absolutely sure to kill you.." Li Pinghou still didn't understand what he meant. But Hua Zhen understood and said with a smile, "You want to use these two fans as the standard for practicing!" "Not bad," said King Jinlong in a deep voice! When I can surpass the records on these two fans. It's time for me to seek revenge on your father and son! Li Pinghou was in a daze. Then he arched his hand and said, "I admire you!"! Admire! With your ambition, I believe you will succeed! King Jinlong snapped at Li Tianqiu again, "Old thief!"! I hope you live long enough for me to see you again! Li Tianqiu burst out laughing and said, "You have to hurry up. I want to help you. I'm afraid the weather won't let me live so long. Fortunately, I still have a son to pay for it." Without saying a word, King Jinlong walked away with his head held high. "Master Li," said Hua Zhen to Li Pinghou! Nope ! You should be called Master Hai now. Li Pinghou smiled and said, "Not bad!"! I will be Haiping Hou in the future. !” "What on earth do you mean by that?" Asked Hua Zhen. "I should give him a chance.." said Haiping with a smile. But Hercynian smiled at Li Tianqiu and said, "Dongyang!"! I didn't think you'd let him go, too. !” Li Tianqiu laughed and said, "If I were Li Tianqiu, I would never let him go, but if I restored the identity of Hai Dongyang, I should give him a chance!"! Besides, it was my son's idea. I didn't do him any good. At least I can't undermine him when we meet for the first time today! Hai Pinghou immediately said in an apologetic voice, Father! I'm sorry to cause you trouble. ……” Hai Dongyang (Li Tianqiu) immediately shook his hand and said, "No!"! Child! You did the right thing. I am proud to have you as my son. Without further ado, we have many important things to talk about. "Not bad," said Hercynian at once! Dongyang ! You should take us to see Zhi Niang. !” Hai Dongyang gave a wry smile and said, "You haven't forgotten her yet, have you?" Hercynian gave a wry smile and said, "Not bad!"! My only hope in life is to get her back from you. But.. Now I just want to see her once! Hai Dongyang was silent for a moment before saying, "Elder brother!"! I don't know what to say to you, but we won't see her, and even if we do, we won't know her! Hercynian look a change, hurriedly asked: "This is how to say?" Hai Dongyang shook his head and thought for a long time before saying, "I can't tell you!" Haixi turned pale and said, "Dongyang!"! The gap between our brothers has been closed. Is there anything you can't say! You can rest assured that I will never do anything to her again. Hai Dongyang said with a wry smile, "Elder brother,Slate Wall Panel, I'm not afraid you'll take her away. In fact, I've been with her for ten years, but I haven't really got her. I haven't seen her again for the last ten years." "What on earth are you talking about?" Haixi said inexplicably? What the hell is going on? ?”。 forustone.com

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