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This kind of continuous shooting is taught by Molong, but Molong once said, don't do it unless you have to. Although holding one's breath can improve the accuracy of marksmanship and the frequency of firing, a person who holds one's breath can only fire five bullets at most. Moreover, this kind of breath-holding sniping will have a great impact on people's nerves, once the fingers tremble, then the results will be unpredictable. Therefore, Molong seldom uses this way of shooting. When he and Fu Junsheng blocked Ouyang Tianming together, Fu Junsheng used the same way of shooting, so he was slightly stunned for a while. Ye Qian's marksmanship is not as good as Molong's. He also knows the danger of shooting in this way, but it is the most confident way for him to defeat Falcon John. Seeing that the ten minutes that Falcon John said were coming, Ye Qian could not take so much into account. Slightly out from behind, I saw the body of Falcon John slowly fell down. Ye Qian breathed a sigh of relief. For Falcon John, Ye Qian did not have much hostility and antipathy, and even a trace of respect. When Falcon John led him to the roof and gave him a gun, Ye Qian knew that Falcon John's target was not Qin Yue and Zhao Ya, but that he refused to admit defeat and wanted to fight it out with himself. Otherwise, Falcon John can shoot and kill Qin Yue and Zhao Ya when he comes. For such a person, Ye Qian felt that he was worthy of respect. However, respect is respect, standing in different positions,PET bottle Mold, they are always antagonistic, either you die or I die. Ye Qian removed the bullets from the sniper rifle, threw the gun into the trash can, and then lit a pile of waste paper and threw it in. There were some liquids such as alcohol on the roof, and Ye Qian picked them up and poured them into the garbage can. Ye Qian did not think much about why there was alcohol on the stage, perhaps Falcon John had already prepared it, or the residents of the building were here,water bottle packaging machine, and now it doesn't matter. After going downstairs, Ye Qian threw all the bullets into the garbage can next to the building. He tidied up his clothes and went to his car. After getting on the bus, Ye Qian made a phone call to Qin Yue, asked where she was, and drove straight past. When receiving Ye Qian's phone call, Qin Yue obviously felt that Ye Qian's tone was somewhat unhappy, and secretly wondered if he felt that he and Zhao Ya had cheated him, so he was angry? Then, also did not conceal, told him the thing that oneself do hairdressing in spa club directly. Zhao Ya asked curiously, "Sister Yue, who is she?"? It's not that rascal, is it? Qin Yue nodded and said, "He seems to know that we lied to him. I heard his voice as if he was very angry." "Well, just be angry. He doesn't care about us at all anyway. We haven't been angry with him yet, liquid bottle filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, but he's the first to complain." Zhao Ya threw her head back and didn't take it seriously. Qin Yue's heart is still a little perturbed, she does not know how this is, unexpectedly will care about Ye Qian's feelings, care about his views on himself. Do you really love him so much that you can't help it? A moment later, Ye Qian appeared in front of him and Zhao Ya. Qin Yue and Zhao Ya were taken aback, apparently not expecting him to come so quickly. Why so fast? You're in the neighborhood? Qin Yue asked in amazement. Ye Qian glanced at the technician who was serving Qin Yue and Zhao Ya. Qin Yue understood and waved them to leave first. Seeing them leave, Ye Qian's face suddenly pressed down and said, "Why do you lie to me that you are still in class? Do you think I am an idiot?"? Do you have any idea how dangerous you were? Even if you don't think about yourself, you should think about others. Qin Yue, even if Zhao Yahu came, I didn't expect you to get involved with her blindly, don't you know that now is a tense moment, you will be in danger of life at any time? Small. Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise Chapter 191 the weakness of Qin Yue. Zhao Ya has never seen Ye Qian so angry, even if he was so seriously injured in order to save himself, there is no complaint, now see Ye Qian angry, for a time can not help but be stunned, scared some dare not speak. Qin Yue is not, even in the face of the enemy, Ye Qian is always a very indifferent look, even if the anger is cold face. Seeing Ye Qian's face full of anger, Qin Yue was somewhat stunned, but her heart was still somewhat sweet. Because what Ye Qian said just now is obviously full of deep concern. Besides, it's not like a friend's words, it's more like a lover. Is there something wrong? Qin Yue asked with some trepidation. Ye Qian snorted coldly and said, "It's all right now." Just on the way here, Ye Qian did not know how many ways to punish the two girls, thinking about how serious and angry he would be when he saw them later, but when he really saw them, except for a few words more like complaining words at the beginning, there was no anger at all. I'm sorry, Ye Qian! Qin Yue walked up to Ye Qian and said with great grievance. The weak appearance of that face makes people feel distressed. Ye Qian turned his face away, not daring to look at her, for fear that if he could not bear it, he would not be able to vent his anger. Qin Yue opened her mouth, but did not know what to say. She is not a person who is good at expressing herself, which is why she always gives people an iceberg look. Looking at Ye Qian's angry appearance, Qin Yue suddenly felt that he must have done something wrong, suddenly felt a burst of regret, tears can not help but roll in the eyes. Zhao Ya saw Qin Yue's appearance, can not help but be shocked, in her memory, Qin Yue has never cried. I remember when Qin Yue was in high school, there was a killer who wanted to assassinate Qin Tian, but unfortunately the bullet hit Qin Yue. When she went to the hospital to take the bullet, Qin Yue did not use anesthetics and did not shed a drop of tears from beginning to end. Now she was provoked to cry by Ye Qian. Zhao Ya was full of anger and said,plastic bottle making machine, "That's enough, Ye Qian. What's the big deal? Our lives are ours. It has nothing to do with you. You don't have to care about it.". Look, you made Sister Yue cry. 。

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