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by on 9. August 2021

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II


6 things about ZENITH College Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II

In January, Christmas came to Geneva, at the time, a series of watch brands showed their new version in the city and jumped on the Spring Exhibition in Basel. One of the first appearance of this year is the Hurricane II of Christophe, from a new, decorated from a Christophe Colomb model a few years ago. The watch has many unique features, so we will take you with the latest features of Zenith through what you need.

That is not a gourn you are watching.

The dial-up dialing of 6 o'clock may look like a blow blowing water: the balance wheel is visible, and there is a bridge through the center of the hole. But again, you will find Zenith's patent "gravity control" system. This gyro mechanism helps consistent timing: No matter how you turn your watch, it maintains the balance of horizontal position. Just like offset the universal joints affected by the gravity of the classic ship, the gravity control system ensures that the balance is always upright, no matter how you distorted or turn your watch. It also allows the heavenly to adjust the rate at a horizontal position, so there is no need to compromise between different locations. The lower side of the balance mechanism: lift the watch and look at the micro-painted hemisphere under the balance, showing the southern hemisphere. In 2011, the gravity control system was used in all Christophe Colomb models.Harry Winston replica Watches

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