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As you can see, the year 1560 was used to construct this building, and there are three challenging problems to comprehend.

So let's continue the content. This, like some of my other guides, is your primary means of gaining balls and dealing earth-shattering blows in order to fill a ball game. The ball has been stuffed. It is important for him to put his attention on using the King of Lightning because it deals the most damage. You can fill the first four balls with the a and w skills, and then you can fill the next four balls with the q and r skills. In this way, you can see that I used his r skill twice, and then I used lightning whispering to fill in all of the empty spaces in the four balls. This is a possibility only if lost ark gunslinger endgame gear have a significant number of disagreements. As a result, in this scenario, when Lugalu is split, you will be in a position similar to that of walking around your ester gate. You will need to ensure that the other blue one needs to run away, so that it will come back and walk back and forth, in order to guarantee that there is sufficient space between the two wolves. You can judge the effectiveness of the UH defense buff based on the user interface.

He just couldn't break another crooked hand like here, just to cause damage, so the wolf was on the spot, and the center used some misplaced techniques, took the shining panacea, and dropped the cyclone bomb. For example, there is a shield mark under the UI that says that the new girl is too close, so there will be no additional damage. This means that there will be no additional damage. He will walk back and forth because if he notices that there is a chanceIt resembled a three-bar rule in appearance. When he kicked back with the lightning, it would cause a significant amount of damage each time.

1. Because of the high quality of its critical hit, the second stage of the wolf's start only requires you to engage in one-on-one combat

2. Once again, this is how the mechanism works, and after that, the red one is created

3. Because he possesses three different esoteric skills, he is able to rotate it in accordance with his needs

4. You are able to get a glimpse of the experience here

5. Therefore, he placed the mouse on the space bar without having previously prepared the space bar

6. If you don't have access to the space bar and Lost Ark Lance Master Build find yourself in a difficult situation, please look at this point as soon as possible and then use the awakening skill to finish them off

7. He can go either way with it

8. Because he can actually break armor, but he doesn't seem to want to break armor, maybe Azena Lost Ark Gold can know that he only takes two buffs without armor, which is possible, or Brelshaza Lost Ark Gold can wait for the head impact, so that he can feel sorry for the head impact, because he can actually break armor, but he doesn't seem to want to break armor, Because yes, he will cause enough damage regardless

9. You will be able to continue walking around the office for an adequate amount of time if you stand next to the pillar and he will continue to take the bus instead of breaking his armor that is hidden behind the pillar

Simply wait for a short while, fill up the bar, and then return to performing his profound skills. Finally, kick the ball down to the ground like lightning. Excellent! Take a look at the combination of these abilities: four round balls, then fall to the ground and hook, then come back, and then fall to the ground and kick with lightning.

This is excellent, which means that the combination will be perfect. Because the crossbar is full, you can use the hook, rr here, and then he can actually use other skills. This is due to the fact that the effectiveness of three and a half bubbles is not very high, but this is the actual number of bubbles.

This is a very effective method of sidestepping, so what I have to do is eat the ball just in case, and then I have to fight him, which will result in the dark bomb being thrown in that location. Because you have noticed that, uh, Barton still has two layers of armor, and because the way the dark bomb works is the same as breaking the armor, because the dark bomb will reduce the damage that the enemy's 20 layers of armor cause, and because Barton still has two layers of armor. You begin to practice your lightning kicks and get ready to fight back as soon as possible.

It has a positive effect on lightning k. When will we be able to catch this guy? He first broke the stage, and then he went backstage, which means that whenever his lightning whispers, he usually uses the ground to steal whispers, and then he uses the lightning kick or the lightning hook, both of which will provide 18 additional current rates.

Then he used thunder and lightning whispers and kicked in like lightning. By the way, two bubbles are full, so a lightning whisperer will give him a chance to critically attack. Alternatively,  can use the conventional skills to see the hook first, and then use rr. However, he was cautious because he knew that if he jumped even once, he would move him back. So when he did this, when Valentine jumped one, he always thought of the whirlwind, because sometimes people would chase them, and then they would be knocked down on the stage, which is very bad, so this is all about encountering people. He avoided the situation in this manner because he didn't want to offend the risk of making mistakes or take any risks, and as a result, he was knocked down on the stage.

This is where you get in. He walks quickly with a rope, walks very quickly, and always keeps the fast rope because this is really good, because if you are slow, when the mechanic goes there, Lost Ark Gold Asta must do this. When he turns around, the ball is too big, so he walks quickly with a rope, walks very quickly, and always keeps the fast rope. Therefore, when he plays the whirlwind, all he needs to do is charge the ball and hit the ground like lightning, which triggers an instant reaction. This is possible because he already possesses sufficient high-speed gear.

This content is much older than this one, so lightning kicks the ball through Walter. Please keep in mind that you will see lightning kicking the ball over there to see how safe he is. Because, just as he did not know how to ride a bicycle, the majority of his skills are incomplete. You are aware that Barton made the poor decision to turn around at that location, but there is not much you can do to change it. He has already passed the 11th obstacle. This may seem insane, but it causes a great deal of damage. After one minute, he successfully finished an uppercut that was both clean and safe to finish.

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