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If you read this guide, you will learn more about the various attacks that Queen Rennala is able to use, as well as the most effective ways to move around the battlefield, and the types of monsters that she is able to call forth during the latter half of the conflict. In addition, you will learn the most efficient ways to move around the battlefield.


Your goal is to prevail in your conflict with her in some form or another. Even though the library is full to the brim with peculiar students who are arbitrarily casting spells at you, there is always at least one student who radiates a golden aura all around them. This is true even though the library is packed to the brim with students. Despite this, there is always at least one student who has a golden aura surrounding them. They stand out from the rest of the class. They are distinguished from the other students in the class.

You will be tasked with finding the students who have a gleaming golden appearance, and once you have done so, you will be required to eliminate three of those students from the competition. Once the third singing student has defeated Queen Rennala, the golden bubble that encircles her will burst, which will cause her to fall to the ground of the library. The student who is known as the singing student is the one who sang during the awkward moment and made everyone around them laugh with their performance. As soon as the predetermined amount of time has elapsed, she will all of a sudden burst forth in a golden light and float back up into the air, her golden shield having been completely repaired.


Attacks Carried Out During the Initial Phase of the Fight The students will attempt to hurt you using a wide variety of spells, but you shouldn't have too much trouble avoiding their attacks as long as you pay attention to where they are aiming their spells.


  • Even if you aren't actively trying to avoid these attacks, the majority of them should miss you if you continue to move around the arena and duck between the pillars and bookshelves

  • This is because you are effectively blocking their path to you

  • As long as you continue to move around the arena as much as possible, you shouldn't have any problems

  • Even when you aren't actively trying to attack her, you need to keep moving around because she will constantly be casting delayed spell projectiles at you

  • This means that you need to avoid staying in one place for too long

  • This indicates that you should move around frequently and not remain in one location for an excessive amount of time

Because Rennala's spells have a homing effect, calling forth a Spirit Ash to assist you during this fight can be of great benefit, as it can both draw Rennala's attention and the attention of the projectiles. This can help you avoid taking damage from either of these sources. You won't take any damage from either of these two potential sources if you do this. If you follow this course of action, neither of these two potential causes of harm will inflict any harm on you. If you continue in this manner, you will be able to avoid both of their attacks. Continue moving forward. She will frequently cast multiple spells in rapid succession, leaving you with an endless onslaught of magical projectiles that you will need to avoid. She will do this on a regular basis. This is because the majority of her adversaries have a lag in their attack, which is the root cause of her behavior, which in turn causes her to behave in this manner.

Throughout the course of the battle, Comet Azur Queen Renalla will have multiple opportunities to cast this spell; however, she will always start phase two with this move regardless of the circumstances. After you have maintained that position for a short amount of time, she will direct a powerful surge of magical energy in your direction, and as a result, you will be forced to switch positions as a result of it. The key to successfully evading an attack is to time it so that it takes place just after the energy orb has stopped contracting. This is the window of opportunity in which you have the greatest chance of success. At this moment in time, you have the best possible chance of realizing your goals and achieving success. She will be in a situation that is extremely hazardous both during the assault and after Elden Ring Runes PS for sale has concluded as a result of the fact that she will be in this situation. This will cause a number of magically powered projectiles of varying sizes to begin homing in on you, with the total number of projectiles ranging anywhere from six to eighteen, depending on the number of other targets. Each of these projectiles will have a different effect on you.

The Star Shower spell is much easier to avoid than this spell, so your best bet is to run to the side and dodge two times as soon as the first one reaches you. This will give you the best chance of avoiding this spell. The Star Shower spell can be avoided with much less effort. You will have the best possible chance of avoiding the spell's effects if you proceed in this manner. While you are concentrating on dodging projectiles from one of her other attacks, such as Star Shower or Homing Crystal, she will almost certainly cast this spell on you. The likelihood of this happening is very high. This will give her the chance to take advantage of the fact that you are not paying attention to her.

Spinning Weapon

It's possible that Rennala will cast the spell Spinning Weapon on her staff if she notices that you are standing in front of her. This takes place when she becomes aware that she can see you directly in front of her. If you take any damage at this location, you will have enough time to recover during this window in order for you to be able to continue fighting during the remaining portion of the encounter. As a consequence of this, you will be in a very strong position to correct Rennala's behavior while she is recovering from her injuries. This will occur while she is in the process of healing from her injuries.

Rennala's Full Moon

After Rennala has created a massive moon that shines brilliantly, she will temporarily disappear while she is encased within the moon. During this time, the moon will contain Rennala. The attack has a very slow movement speed, but if it hits its target, Elden Ring Runes PS for sale (check out here) has the potential to inflict a significant amount of damage on them if it is successful. On the other hand, in the event that it is successful, its development will proceed very quickly. Be wary, because there is a good chance that Rennala will begin casting another spell or even several spells at the same time that the moon is looking for you and while you are looking for her at the same time. While this is happening, both the moon and you will be searching for her. You will first discover the moon, and then you will discover her. The moon will find you first.

Invocations to pray Rennala will, at some point during the conflict, begin calling upon powerful spirits to assist her in the fight in order to assist her in the conflict. This will be done in order to assist her in the fight.

This will take place in the midst of the conflict, somewhere in the middle of it.

Each and every one of the wolves can be killed with a single strike, but it is highly likely that the other adversaries will vanish before you have the chance to prevail over them. As a direct result of this, it can be difficult to launch attacks from a close range at times.

A Compilation of Reflections and Remarks to Conclude

If you have a comprehensive understanding of all of the assaults that Queen Rennala employs in the second phase of the battle, you will be in a better position to prepare for what is to come, as you will be in a better position to anticipate what will happen. If you are still having trouble defeating her before she wins the battle against you, you may want to consider gathering all of the Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears that are still scattered across the map but that you have not yet collected. This is something that you should consider doing if you are still having trouble defeating her before she wins the battle against you. If you are still having trouble defeating her before she wins the battle against you, you should think about doing this. It is something that you should consider doing. Consider carrying out this strategy in the event that you are still having trouble overcoming her resistance and preventing her from prevailing over you in the conflict. It is something that you ought to give some thought to doing. It is simple to forget about them, but you should bear in mind that any contribution, no matter how insignificant, is valuable.

Any contribution, no matter how insignificant, is valuable. You will be granted the ability to change the outward appearance of your character, as well as the privilege of resetting the statistics that are associated with that character, if you use these items.

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