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OSRS Vorkath Gear Progression

A good set of gear is necessary to beat Vorkath. Ranged attack is the most effective way to defeat them. The Dragon Hunter Crossbow, with its accuracy boost of 20% as well as damage, is an ideal option. Vorkath is also compatible with an imbued Salve Amulet and a full Void Set, though Armadyl's Armour is more effective.

About Gear Progression

As you progress in level and gain experience, more gear will be available , based on your combat statistics and quests that aren't unlocked. OSRS offers a unique benefit that lets you get the best combat statistics even with gear that is low level and still have high rates of experience.

Of course, you probably would like to mix and match parts of gear at any point when you're unable to afford a lot of upgrades, specifically from treasure trail or raid drops. There are three kinds of gear advancements: magic gear progress as well as range and melee gear progress.

Vorkath Gear Progression

You may come to this page to find out about gear progression for Vorkath's gear progression. It is recommended to use a ranged attack to eliminate Vorkath. The progression of gear for Vorkath is also focused on range.

In this scenario, range is a skill which is more easily scalable since accuracy and maximum hit points increase in just one technique. Equipment of high-end quality requires a minimum defense level. It can be long-range or melee. The latter is more effective. Pure players have only one defense and access to most equipment, with some other exceptions.

Here are the steps to range gear progression:

1 Range:

Leather Armor: body, cowl, chaps

Iron knives
Amulet of Fury or Glory
Combat Bracelet
Ranger Boots (if you have the money)
20+ 20+

Studded Leather Armor: Body with 20 defenses, and chaps

Amulet of Fury or Glory
Mithril knives
Frog Leather Boots 25 range and defense
Mithril Gloves (with RFD partially completed)
30+ Age:

Steel or higher arrows

Full Snakeskin armor that has 30 defenses: body, coif, chaps, boots and vambraces
Amulet of Fury or Glory
40-70 Band:

Snakeskin Boots or Ranger Boots

Rune Crossbow equipped with large bolts that have 55 slayer and enchanted bolts
Chromatic dragonhide armor Body with 40 defense, vambraces and chaps
70 range:

Black or blessed dragonhide armor body with 40-degree defense, a sash chaps, boots, and coif.

Rune, Dragon or Barrows Gauntlets
Ava's accumulator
Armadyl god book
Armadyl crossbow that has bolts enchanted
75-99 Band (End Game):

Armadyl Armor with 70 Defense: coif, body, and chaps

Imbued Archers' Ring
75 defense in Pegasian boots
Twisted Buckler with 75 defense
Barrows gloves
Ava's assembly program
Necklace of Anguish
Toxic Blowpipe or Twisted Bow (It depends on the kind of damage required)

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