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by on 30. September 2021

 Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft Shadowlands were not prepared to play the new expansion. But after multiple buffs, they've found themselves in a decent spot in both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) due to their damage and utility. While players mostly prefer to use the ranged DPS for raids and dungeons because of the various mechanisms that penalize melees you'll still be able to find places for groups easily if you're planning properly.

 Havoc DHs from PvP is incredibly underrepresented, with just some of them making it to the highest. They're a great addition to the rated battleground (RBG) setting, but they aren't able to fit in the current meta of arenas with Windwalker Monks and Fire Mages dominate the ladder. There are many ways to play, but Warrior is the best character to work with. They bring a lot of destruction and can help you. You should be able to defeat any meta-composition if you are using an Holy Paladin or Mistweaver monk as a team.

 Here are the best Havoc talent and builds for PvP and PvE.


 Havoc DHs are one of the easiest DPS classes to use due to the lack of tools to take on the damage. It's easy to tell the difference between good and bad DHs due to their use of the highest mobility and utility spells. This could help ease a lot pressure from your teammates. Good DHs will not allow cooldowns to run concurrently and will be able to escape when their healer is under crowd control (CC). This makes it hard to kill an DH even if their healer is topping them off.

 One of the major weaknesses of Havoc DH is that they're melee and can be kited by different classes, such as Warlocks or Mages, as well as other casters who are thriving in the current meta, after receiving better gear than at the beginning of the expansion. A Warrior teammate, paired with an Holy Paladin healer, could help you overcome this flaw. They can both clear your slows and enable you to unleash your damage to your foes.


 Level 15: Felblade - This is an amazing talent that acts as an Fury generator on top of an additional gap that will assist you in completing those classes that are ranged. There's also a chance that your Demon's Bite resets its cooldown, which allows you to close out huge distances in a small amount of time.

 Level 25: Demon Blades - This acts as an additional passive Fury generation, in addition to giving you extra shadow damage in certain attacks. If Felblade is considered to be the level 15 talent, Demon Blades should be auto-picked as the talent level 25 due to their huge synergy.

 Level 30 Unbound Chaos - This is an incredible area-of-effect (AoE) burst damage tool, increasing the Fel Rush damage by 600% when you employ Immolation Aura. Since you'll use the cooldown off to create Fury The additional damage is a nice reward.

 Level 35: Soul Rending This row is the one with the most versatility, with all three abilities being applicable in various situations. But in scenarios that you're not in much coordination with your teammates, Soul Rending is the most appropriate choice. It grants you Leech to keep you going that is enhanced during metamorphosis, which makes you invulnerable.

 Level 40: First Blood - This ability reduces the cost of resources for Blade Dance and allows you to do additional damage to the first target struck by it. This ability is a fantastic addition to your already full arsenal.

 Level 45: Fel Eruption – You don't have any CC tools in your arsenal which is why this should be the top priority. If you have this talent as a PvP skill, it will allow you to create excellent kill chances as well as Mana Rifts. This ability has a short timer and can be very rewarding. It also allows you break critical CDs of your adversaries.

 Level 50: Demonic-Having a tool which allows you to go into Demonic Form whenever you damage with Eye Beam is amazing particularly when you add the Leech of Soul Rending. This is an excellent damage boost that comes with a fast cooldown , which also boosts your sustain.


 Your priority stat is Haste > Versatility> Critical Strike> Mastery

 The main stat you have that is Versatility increases the damage you suffer and makes it harder to take down. Even though the damage you sustain isn't as powerful as other stats, it gives you an extra chance to survive and negate your weaknesses. Versatility is your most valuable secondary stat However, Haste is your best. It allows you to perform faster attacks and utilize globals to increase damage throughput.

 While Critical Strike and Mastery are less important, you can still make use of higher-level gear using these stats, if you own them. In the case of the Legendary item, it is recommended to go for Darkest Hour to increase your survival by automatically triggering Darkness if you fall below the 35-percent mark of health.


 Night Fae is the best covenant to use for Havoc DPS in PvP. The mobility spell it has is amazing and can help with some of your weak points, but the most powerful aspect of the covenant is its ability known as The Hunt. It's a quick cast time , and allows you to unleash a massive amount of damage on your target, able to cause them to be crit for more than half the health of their pool.

 The other ideal covenant is Necrolord to gain the Fleshcraft ability, which gives you a huge shield, and allows you to recover crucial cooldowns by keeping you alive for a couple of seconds.

 PvP Talents

 The three PvP skills that you must use by default are Mortal Rush, Cover of Darkness, and Reverse Magic. The first is used to decrease the effectiveness of healing and is not required in the event of a friend who has the debuff already as a default. Cover of Darkness is taken to increase the chance of avoiding hits while in Darkness by 50. Reverse Magic one of the most potent features you can get, lets you return to your original caster's spells or effects such as CC and DoTs.


 Demon Hunters are a strong melee spec for PvE and excel in fights that involve multiple targets. This specialization is excellent in Dungeons and raids, as well as can be a very long-lasting single-target.

 You'll cause a lot of damage and have great utility, however you will be unable to excel in situations that require you to kite. The less time you need to spend on the target, the more damage you could cause.


 Level 15: Blind Fury is a PvE ability that extends the duration of your AoE damaging ability and produces Fury. Eye Beam is synchronized well with other abilities, making this talent a no-brainer pick.

 Level 25: Insatiable hunger - This passive effect will increase damage and production for your Demon Bites. If you encounter situations in which you don't have the globals to spam it, you could opt for Demon Blades instead.

 Level 30: Glaive Tempest- This ability causes a whirlwind flashes of glare that inflict additional damage to targets with a short cooldown.

 Level 35: Soul Rending This is the one with the greatest flexibility that has all three abilities available in various scenarios. Soul Rending is the best choice due to its passive Leech effect. It relieves a lot of pressure from your healers and can have an increased effect during Metamorphosis.

 Level 40: Cycle of Hatred - This is an excellent talent to reduce the time between the cooldown of your Eye Beam every single crucial strike. It's amazing when combined with other talents to enhance its effects, giving you more uptime on your main ability.

 Level 45: The Fel Eruption It's not a thing you have many CC tools in your kit So, picking this up is your primary first priority. It's a great tool to have in the event of a PvE encounter.

 Level 50: Demonic-Having a tool which allows you to go into Demonic Form when you do hit with Eye Beam is amazing, especially when you add the Leech effect from Soul Rending. This is a fantastic damage boost with a quick cooling time that will also increase your sustain.


 Your stat priority is Haste > Versatility Critical Strike > Mastery

 In PvE, unlike PvP you don't need to increase your XP to do more damage or to be more powerful. You benefit from all stats very well, however Haste is the best choice in a PvE environment since it gives you an increased uptime and less time to cooldowns. It is recommended to focus on Versatility since it can directly increase your damage. After that, you'll be able to pick between Critical Strike and Mastery.


 Night Fae is the best covenant to be an Havoc DPS in PvE. Its mobility spell is excellent and can help with some of your weaknesses, but the best aspect of the covenant is the ability called The Hunt. It is a quick cast time and allows you to unleash a devastating amount of damage on the person you are targeting. Other covenant options are acceptable in a PvE setting, each with its own uses.

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