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 We are glad you are here! Sit back and relax, as we embark on the adventure with one of the professions that is arguably the most fun in World of Warcraft. This WoW TBC Classic Engineer guide is a second in our series on The Burning Crusade Stage of Classic. We will provide a brief description of Engineering in TBC. We will talk about recent changes and some of the new features. Finally, we will go through the steps for leveling up Engineering within Outland.

 However before we start, a brief reminder of what Engineering is actually about. This occupation is mostly about the development of weapons, gadgets and scopes, explosives and trinkets. As well as some other useful and interesting items such as some that could or may not have a tendency to explode right in front of you and so be cautious.

 This profession is not really geared towards any particular group of people but the one exception being Hunters who have the ability to build guns could be beneficial in the event of the possibility of leveling. For those who are more interested in PvP-related content rather than PvE will be able to appreciate the numerous gadgets and Googles that are often considered to be overpowered due to their massive effects, even though they are too limited for PvE.

 Making all those distinctive gadgets requires a lot of metals and other materials sourced from mining. This is why it is usually associated with mining, making those who select this set of professions, more or less independent when it comes to purchasing items. However, you might also choose to buy the reagents at the Auction House, or you may decide to use another method of gathering materials to choose an alternative craft profession. You can choose the best way to participate in the game.

 In addition, there are none of the races better or worse to be Engineers. Gnomes get a racial skill that allows them to employ Engineering more effectively, but that ability is not something that should be kept in mind, since the benefits of this bonus diminish over time.

 As for the process itself the process itself, as some people may be aware that engineering as a profession requires quite a few instruments of trade. You'll need at least one of these tools to make any item.

 An Anvil

 Hammer of the Blacksmith Hammer

 Arclight Spanner

 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor

 Additionally, take be aware that there was no way to substitute one of these tools within TBC when that this WoW TBC Classic Engineering Guide was created. Therefore, engineers will require all of them with them for the majority of their time.

 Another thing you also should be aware of is the fact that Engineering like many other occupations, has specializations you can choose depending on your playstyle. In this case it is the choice between Gnomish and Goblin engineering, with the former one being more focused on fun devices as opposed to the latter, which is more focused on explosives. One thing that makes their designs different is the recipes. The most important items include:

 Gnomish Engineering:

 Gnomish Flame Turret

 Gnomish Poultryizer

 Nigh-Invulnerability Belt

 Gnomish Power Goggles

 Gnomish Battle Goggles

 Goblin Engineering:

 The Bigger One

 Super Sapper Charge

 Goblin Rocket Launcher

 Foreman's Enchanted Helmet

 Foreman's Reinforced Helmet

 To select a specialization, you need to do things a bit differently than in Classic as you do not have to go to the NPC's who are your regular trainers. In the new stage, you will now need to find one of the following quest-givers:

 Lilliam Sprakspindle can be located in Stormwind in the Dwarven District.

 Springsindle Fizzlegear is located in Tinkertown, Ironforge.

 Graham Von Talen, who is located in Undercity located in Rogues' Quarter

 Tinkerwiz The Tinkerwiz can be found in Ratchet.

 Those NPC's can give you either one of two quests: Goblin Engineering or Gnome Engineering that then takes you on a quest that mainly involves visiting NPC and crafting stuff, you get your new specialization of choice.

 Let's get to the thrilling changes and enhancements that people have been waiting for. Engineering has everything from prestige to gold-making and super-powered machinery.

 One of the most significant benefits is definitely the capability to design a mount, even two of them. Engineering is a distinct profession that sets it apart. Those are the Flying Machine and the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. The blueprints needed to build those are also quite easy to find, unlike the materials, since it is only necessary to visit one of the following trainers in Shadowmoon Valley, both of which will teach players the necessary recipes:

 Niobe Whizzlespark, who is an Alliance Trainer in the Wildhammer Stronghold

 Jonathan Garrett is a Shadowmoon Village Horde Trainer.

 Be aware that you must be at least 350 and 375 respectively in order to master these recipes.

 Another major reason to go with engineering in The Burning Crusade is the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. This absolutely unique item, that is only made and used by Engineers can allow players to remove Primals from gas clouds found around Outland.

 This is a gold mine for Engineers as all of the professions in TBC utilize Primals, and a lot of them are on top of that. Therefore, the capability to extract them in bulk is essential at this phase of the game.

 To get the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor one needs to be at least level 60 and above 305 Engineering. At which point they will be eligible for an adventure in Zangarmarsh known as the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor!

 Furthermore, it is recommended that you create the Ultra-Spectropic detection Goggles. They let you observe the clouds, and shows them on the minimap. Although you can view them almost all the time without goggles However, there are certain areas where they are difficult to see with your naked eye.

 One more thing to note, each area offers unique clouds with specific motes. They include:

 In Nagrand - Windy Cloud, which gives Mote of Air

 Arcane Vortex in Netherstorm, that gives Mote Of Mana

 In Shadowmoon Valley - Felmist, which gives Mote of Shadow

 In Zangarmarsh, Swamp Has the ability to give Mote of Water.

 WoW TBC Classic Engineering leveling guide

 In this section, which is about leveling our WoW TBC Classic Engineering guide We have focussed on what we think is most important to you as you begin to level your profession and that's efficiency and efficiency, because we think you'd like to do things quickly and efficiently. That will stay true regardless of whether you opt to collect the needed items yourself or prefer to buy them from the Auction House, the path that we have outlined for you is the best option.

 It is crucial to remember that as you may notice when you start the Engineering window, the recipes are going to be displayed in various colors : yellow, orange and gray. These are indications of the likelihood to earn skill points upon completion of the recipe. The first option guarantees an increase in skill points while the last one signifies that you will not gain any experience by crafting this recipe.

 It is recommended to make orange recipes each day. But, this isn't feasible, and even more importantly, it is not feasible or even profitable. You may need more reagents or numbers depending on the luck you have.

 Now we'll move to the section about leveling of the WoW TBC Classic Engineering Guide. This guide will walk you step-by-step through the best way to achieve a level between 300 and 375. The leveling itself is not particularly hard, however, you'll have to find certain recipes in order to make an easy work of this procedure.

 If you've followed the steps above and you are now a proud master Engineer. Congratulations on completing out WoW TBC Classic Engineering guide and enjoy your new profession.

 Engineering Trainer

 It is crucial to know that professions have ranks. These are Apprentice Expert, Journeyman Expert, Expert, Artisan and Master. The master rank is the highest level in Outland Engineering will require special education. This is particularly important if you want to follow our WoW TBC Classic Engineering guide, as at the time of leveling the profession you do need to increase these ranks in order to improve your skill as well as learn new recipes.

 The following are the latest trainers who were included in the Burning Crusade:

 Ockil is located at Exodar, 54.8, 92.2

 Danwe is situated in Silvermoon City, at 76.8, 40.8

 Furthermore, in order to study Master Engineering, between level 300 to 375, you'll have to visit one of those new trainers:

 Lebowski Lebowski Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula who is the Outland Engineering trainer for the Alliance.

 K. Lee Smallfry is a Teledor, Zangarmarsh Grand Master Engineer, who is a member of the Alliance.

 Zebig In Thrallmar on Hellfire Peninsula, assists Horde players with their engineering skills.

 Mack Diver, in Zabra'jin. He is one more Grand Masters Engineers aligned to the Horde.

 Xyrol, which is located in Area 52 Netherstorm, is another Goblin who works for both Horde and the Alliance. Alliance and Horde.

 Thank you for taking time and interest in our WoW Ultimate Guide TBC Classic Engineering guide and we wish you great adventures and many other crafts, Adventurer!

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