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by on 27. November 2021


Another straightforward VC method that's causing a stir on the 2K scene in the past couple of hours has to Nba 2k22 Mt do with a glitch on the current-gen courts. The glitch, in particular, works best on the 10k VC courts, but it's technically applicable on any court you want to make a less lucrative reward.

As demonstrated in the video by Geminus The main strategy involves a full court and a lot of coordination. You should have two teams arrive and , as your player's name goes white after all players are present, wait five seconds before having one group of three leave the game together.If you look on the internet, you're likely to find several "best My Career build" lists. They're great however, what you should be doing is to think about the person you want to play as and create your character like that. If you're not planning on competing against the top gamers at The City, you'll be content with the build you select.

Personally, we enjoy playing tough defense (blocks appear to be a bit overpowered for us at this point) in addition to setting up our teammates and hitting the occasional three when defenses sag off. This might not be the right choice the best for you, so take a look on the editing tool and come up with something that you like. You'll have a lot more fun by doing this.

One of the issues many players face when beginning with MyCareer , is that they can't see the floor enough to get an "B" or higher Teammate Rating. Since you start as such as a player with a low rating (unless you spend some money on Virtual Currency), you're only going to get limited minutes.

This is a solution to this that gives you more chances to cheap 2k22 mt rack up stats. Head into your Settings and select the Quarter Length option. Set this to either 10 or 12 minutes and you'll be able to play longer than you're able to do with. This helps you get an impressive VC boost, so you can boost your player's skills even more quickly.


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