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by on 1. December 2021

Now, almost every household has a car. The popularization of cars has made people's lives easier and made people travel faster. Nowadays, many people have installed positioning systems on their cars in order to better manage their cars. How much do you know about the GPS positioning system, and what are its applications and features?

What is the role of 4g car gps tracker? In fact, it is to use the global positioning system GPS to help companies and individuals track their own vehicles, and all the tracking processes can be carried out on the Internet. 4g car gps tracker can check the condition of the vehicle at any time to ensure the safety of the vehicle; it can provide real-time voice prompt navigation function. Convenient for driving, convenient for life, and will not get lost. According to the electronic map of the monitoring platform, the best driving route can be planned. The rich information points are convenient for users to find in unfamiliar areas, including various types of information points, such as hotels, restaurants, banks, etc. The automatic trajectory recording function can save 3 months of historical trajectory, which is convenient for users to query the route traveled by the vehicle.

With the rapid development of aerospace science and technology, GPS positioning system can achieve more and more functions. In summary, GPS system probably has the following characteristics:

1. It works around the world and can provide users with continuous, real-time three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and precise time. Not affected by the weather.

2. The positioning accuracy is high, the single-machine positioning accuracy is better than 10 meters, and the differential positioning is adopted, and the accuracy can reach centimeters and millimeters.

3. Multiple functions and wide applications. With people’s deepening understanding of GPS, GPS is not only widely used in positioning, navigation, speed measurement, and time measurement, but also has more and more applications.

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