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"In terms of personal strength, even on foot, I am not sure that I can easily kill a monster of the level of the Holy Rage Werewolf." As a dragon knight, Cait was reluctant to admit the fact that he was not as good as the Oriental teenager, but he was always rigorous and unwilling to lie. However, as a dragon knight, his fighting power will be greatly reduced without the dragon mount. Although it is not necessarily lost to the Holy Rage Werewolf, it is not entirely sure to kill it. When old Sir Hughes heard this, his eyes shone even more brightly, as if he had discovered a new continent, and he continued to ask, "So that child has reached the level of a dragon knight?" Kayi nodded and said, "It's supposed to be so.". The holy rage werewolf is a creature of speed, strength, and magic. Even advanced swordsmen can't resist its endless stream of ice magic, while mages with high magic defense can't defeat its strength and speed. So only the knight who controls the flying dragon or the earth dragon can use the magic power of the mount and his own fighting power to compete with it. However, it is somewhat arbitrary to judge the strength of this young man in the East only by this mission. In fact, Kayit is right, Yi Tian was able to easily clean up the holy violent werewolf,cantilever racking system, mainly because of the powerful Xiuzhen array he launched, if only by his own strength, I am afraid that the monster will indeed bring him a lot of trouble. But the old Sir Hughes could not think so much. He said anxiously, "Cait, you know, we have been competing with the Royal Knight School of Afari all these years. The old man Cooper is against me everywhere.". Especially in the past few years, the Iron-blooded Youth League they created has overwhelmed the young guards of our college. And recently, Anthony,push back racking system, the talented son of Generalissimo Carl, has joined their Iron-blooded Youth League, which makes our chances of winning even worse! By the way, how long will it be before the next Youth Fighting Competition? Cait thought for a moment and then replied, "There are about three months to go.". Do you mean to let this Oriental Youth represent our college to participate in the fighting contest? But now we don't even know his background, and we don't know whether he is an aristocrat or not. Old Sir Hughes snorted and said angrily, "It doesn't matter whether he is an aristocrat or not, as long as he can win honor for our college!"! We have lost to the Royal Knight School of Afari three years in a row. I can't have that old Cooper laughing at me in front of the king! Kayit nodded and said, "It's all up to you, but where are we going to find that young man from the East?"? It is said that he disappeared all of a sudden after he finished the Rage Werewolf mission. Old Sir Hughes smiled brightly and said, "Of course I'll find someone to do that.". Now the most important thing is to find this Oriental youth before other Royal Academies. He is our only hope to win the championship! As he spoke, old Sir Hughes's sharp eyes became deep, as if he had seen the golden Royal Medal of Honor three months later. Three days later, warehouse pallet racks ,industrial racking systems, the town of Ikus, which had always been quiet and comfortable, suddenly became lively. Three luxurious carriages lined up and set foot on the bumpy flagstone road of Ikus, making a series of clear hoofbeats. Each carriage was drawn by three tall, black satin, aristocratic thoroughbreds, and the nine horses were uniform in shape, pace, and even neigh, as if they had been specially trained. And the carriages of the three carriages are also made of high-grade carved mahogany, with fine workmanship and precise materials, which are of great value at a glance. The residents of the town had never seen such a luxurious carriage, so they could not help but gather around to watch, and for a time the narrow flagstone road was crowded and crowded. But it was at this moment that the leading carriage suddenly stopped in front of the only blacksmith shop in the town, and the two carriages behind it stopped at once. Immediately afterwards, the doors of the two carriages opened separately, and several well-dressed, burly men stepped down from the carriage and came respectfully to the middle carriage, standing in two rows. One of them, a man of nine feet tall, with a large square face and a serious face, came slowly to the door of the car, opened it humbly, and said in a humble manner, "My Lord Baron, we have arrived." Aft a while, a short, middle-aged man step down from that carriage in the middle. The middle-aged man was dressed in a dark tuxedo, a black bow tie at the collar, a tall gentleman's hat, and a civilized stick about one meter long, just like an aristocratic gentleman. When he got out of the car, the little middle-aged gentleman held his gold-rimmed glasses on his nose and asked, "Are you sure this is the right place?" The leading man continued to bend over and answered, "It should be right. This is the only blacksmith shop in the town.". The small courtyard next to it should be where the young man named Yi Tian lives. The little middle-aged gentleman nodded and said, "Go in and ask." "Yes!" In that respect, the big fellow answered, and then went straight to the small courtyard of Yi Tian's house, but as soon as he came to the door, he suddenly felt that a tiger-headed child had rushed out of it and hit him in his arms. That child is not tall, be hit by the chest of that big fellow, not only retreated a few paces in succession, look up suddenly, small eyebrow frowns,heavy duty metal racks, ask: "Who are you?"? What are you doing in front of my house? The big fellow crouched down and said with a smile, "Little friend, is there a young man named Yi Tian who lives here?" 。

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