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When she saw him turn around and look at herself, she suddenly remembered the afternoon when he ate hot pot in Donglaishuner, the dusk when he met at the barber shop door, and the sincere words he had said to express his feelings. Now, in retrospect, she had intentionally alienated him because of her estrangement from Yuqing. Anyway, it was unfair for him to snub him because of his family. After all, it was Yu Qing who hurt him, not him. Now it seems that he is narrow-minded and too indifferent to him. Although he could not give him anything, why should he add snow and frost to his loneliness and desolation? "Minqiao!" She saw him approach her, and she heard him call her name. Oh She answered. Can I buy you dinner? Yu Ming's heart was pounding, and he could hear the sound echoing in the red air reflected by the sunset. Supper? Today Min Qiao is trying to find a reason to refuse, do not know why, she felt that he should not eat alone, although she can not say a clear reason, but intuition told her that she should not. Yes, please give me this opportunity. It's very important to me. It's really important. Yu Ming almost looked at Min Qiao with begging eyes, and Min Qiao's heart softened. All right,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, where to go? "There is a Hangzhou restaurant nearby. It's exquisite. Let's go there." Yu Ming suppressed the impulse to jump up and said in as calm a voice as possible. All right, then go to eat Hangzhou food! Min Qiao looked at Yu Ming and smiled. His heart fluttered, and her smile had such magic that he could not resist it. This restaurant named Hangzhou Restaurant is very elegant, the decoration is retro style, with a strong Jiangnan sentiment, the front desk is actually imitating the appearance of an ancient dry boat, lifelike,decorative palm trees, exquisite. The waitresses are all Hangzhou girls, not only with delicate and fair skin, but also with well-proportioned and slim figures, wrapped in cheongsam, and they walk gracefully. He always smiles, and his speech, attitude and behavior when entertaining guests are more gentle. Not to mention how well the food is cooked here, I'm afraid this scenery alone can attract more than half of the guests. Do you often come here to eat? After ordering the food, Minqiao asked Yu Ming with a smile, "The waitress here is really first-class." Yu Ming did not immediately answer Min Qiao's words, but stared at her for a moment, he was not sure what Min Qiao meant. Does she want to say that she often comes here to eat because she sees the beautiful waitress here? Or is she just asking so casually that there is no special meaning? She also thought that she was a girl who seldom said that kind of words, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,large ficus tree, although there may be some changes in more than five years, but the disposition is also difficult to change, so she must be just asking. I've been here a few times with my colleagues, but not often. Yu Ming answered. Minqiao was just about to speak when he heard his cell phone ringing, so he took his backpack, took out his cell phone and said with a smile, "It's Chutian!" Yu Ming heard a crash in his heart. She called him Chutian instead of Brother Chutian. He was not a fool. He could feel the kindness and sweetness when she called his name. If it hadn't been for the close relationship between them, she probably wouldn't have given up the word "Brother". He felt his throat dry, took a sip of water from his cup, and listened attentively to what Minqiao and Chutian were saying. Yeah, I'm off duty. Now I'm eating at the place called Hangzhou Restaurant. Minqiao's voice was very gentle. Not alone. Well, wait a minute. Min Qiao covered the phone with his hand, looked up at Yu Ming and asked, "Yu Ming, do you want to meet Chutian Zhao yuan and Lingling? They are all in the bar. If you don't have any inconvenience, I can take you there after dinner." Really? That's great. It's been a long time. I really want to see them, but I just don't know if they will see me. Yu Ming said with a smile. Min Qiao listened, did not say anything, but took his hand away and continued to call, "I am eating with Yu Mingge!" "Well, it's a surprise. I haven't seen you for a long time. I happened to meet you at the Lama Temple today." "No, it's a person. Yu Qing has gone abroad and is not in Beijing." You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine and I'm in a good mood. How are you doing there? Are you busy? I'll take him there when we finish our meal. He just said he wanted to see you, but I don't know if you would like to see him. Min Qiao said here with his eyes glanced at Yu Ming and smiled. Do not know what Chu Tian said over there, Yu Ming saw Min Qiao handed over the phone, "he wants to talk to you." Min Qiao said, Yu Ming then took the phone from Min Qiao's hand. Hello, is that Yu Ming? Chutian's magnetic voice came from the other side of the phone. It's me, Chutian. Long time no see. How have you been? Hearing Chutian's voice, Yu Ming's heart was a little flustered, and he forced himself to calm down. I'm fine, thank you! We haven't seen each other for years. How are you? "It's pretty much the same." "That is to say, it is still as good as it was then!" Chutian smiled happily on the phone. Brother, don't make fun of me, how can you be your own boss? Yu Ming also said with a smile. I don't deserve to be the boss, but it's true that I'm free and unrestrained. "I envy you!" "Well, Yu Ming, I have a lot of guests here now. I won't say more to you. Let Minqiao bring you here after dinner. Let's have a detailed chat while drinking.". Zhao yuan and Lingling are also here. Let's get together tonight. "All right, that's settled. See you later!" "OK, I'll see you later. I won't talk to Minqiao. I'll hang up." "Chutian is Chutian," Yu Ming heard the sound of the broken line from the receiver and couldn't help thinking, "no matter speaking or doing things,silk cherry blossom tree, it's always so crisp and neat." Yu Ming thought so, and remembered just now Min Qiao called Chutian's name, the heart could not help but feel a sense of loss. Hall of Elegance (104).

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