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"The Luo family has an entertainment company that can adapt to film and television." Dr. Luo said in the usual tone of "eating chicken legs today" that Bai Xi was shocked, and Bai Xi couldn't believe it. She rubbed her eyes and said, "But you don't know if my article will be liked by everyone." She is a master of hand speed, so she decided to double open it. Who knows what kind of text the little angels prefer? But Dr. Luo's big deal, you can't just read an outline to buy the copyright of her article, right? This is too fantastic. You can't go wrong. Luo Ping said lightly. Bai Xi did not believe in himself as firmly as he did. I think so, too. Because Luo Yi took over the family's entertainment company, he was more sensitive to the story. This article is very confident and fluent, and it is obvious that the story is in mind. What's more, every article bought by an entertainment company is a gamble. He doesn't think this article can't be gambled. If you can guarantee that the story after this article is still up to standard, then we are willing to sign with you. Although Bai Xi is unknown, but Luo Yi is a very crisp temperament. Said,x56 line pipe, Luo Shi anyway in the future is his eldest brother, he defeated his eldest brother's home completely does not have the psychological pressure, moreover even if buys this article also not to spend how many money. Teenager to Bai Xi is really a little more impressive, he said, how can his eldest brother suddenly so good to a young little beauty,uns c70600, the original is profitable. The boy's smile was more friendly. That's all right. Since people are so enthusiastic, that Bai Xi will not be very hypocritical to refuse. And she does have faith in her story. It's all about the real life she saw with her own eyes. Then I'll send you the contract later and we'll sign the contract. Bai Xi looked at the young man who was very positive about himself. He looks about the same age as himself, but he is very sophisticated under his handsome appearance. This made her even more curious about Luo Ping's origin. What do you think of the copyright fee of three million yuan? Luo Yi continued to ask. Bai Xi felt that he did not need to object at all. Who still has too much money? "Thank you." She hesitated for a moment and whispered to Luo Ping. Next time I come, do I have to bring a gift? Luo Ping raised his eyebrows and asked. Bai Xi chuckled for a moment and said hypocritically, "It's all a matter of mind. It's up to you, Dr. Luo." She said it was her intention, and it was not sincere not to bring some visiting gifts to the door? Dr. Luo was almost amused by this little stingy, he looked at Bai Xi with his arms folded, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316l stainless steel pipe, and his eyes were undoubtedly pleasant. Luo Yi sat in front of the computer and watched his eldest brother laugh at the little beauty. He was so frightened that he shivered. He felt his back tingling and dared not look at his eldest brother's smiling and happy face. He looked at the computer web page with trepidation. A page that had not been closed appeared in front of him. "Brothers and Brothers Attack?" The boy poked in to have a look. Thirty minutes later, the handsome boy was silent. The door of a new world slowly opened to him. I'll go first. He looked unsteadily from "he left his lips, a bright silver thread between them.." Move and walk away blankly. Really? How can a big man who runs an entertainment company be so pure? Bai Xi watched in shock as the handsome boy disappeared like a wandering soul, and by the way closed the door for her and Dr. Luo. Luo Ping could not suppress the coldness of his mouth and looked at the cunning and beautiful girl. The girl's shadow was clearly reflected in his eyes. But the silence in the small room was so frightening that all of a sudden there was only her and a very handsome and mature man, and there was something else on the computer, and Bai Xi was immediately embarrassed. She went over and tried to close the page. A slender and graceful hand also reached out at this time as if to close the web page. On the small black mouse, a big hand covers the soft, white and tender hand. Man's breath is close at hand. Just when Bai Xi wanted to kick over the disciple, Dr. Luo struck first. What do you mean by giving me your hand? The man raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, "Are you going to pursue me?" Bai Xi:.. His face, that.. It's so big. The handsome man smirked and continued, "I like chicken stew.". You know. ” 176. Adopted daughter (Vi) Bai Xi glared at the hateful doctor. What does it mean to show off your love of chicken in front of a civet cat? What's the matter? Do you really think you are a fox if you eat a few more chickens? Bai Xi was deeply angry. Bai Xi: "I want to hit him!" Ling Ling Ba: "No." Bai Xi: "I believe in violence!" Ling Ling Ba: "No, just a little worried." Bai Xi was furious. "What are you worried about?!" Ling Lingba struggled for a moment: "Do you have the money to pay the medical expenses?" It costs money to hit someone. Bai Xi: "…" Ling Lingba is considerate: "So, pull it." Bai Xi:.. Thank you. This strange system is so painful, the former praise is brushed out, right?! Linglingba was suddenly shy, and the light group shivered and tried to keep serious, honest and reliable: "You're welcome, I'm a responsible system." Bai Xi looked at the big hand that Dr. Luo pressed on his hand and did not speak, and his heart had turned a hundred times, and once he looked back, he had been a hundred years old. She slowly looked up at the handsome man who raised his eyebrows and smiled. Doctor, I'm only a child. Dr. Luo looked at her and smiled. Do you want me to hold you high? He paused and said jokingly, "It's not impossible." For the first time, Bai Xi felt that he would rather spend money to put this guy in the hospital. I have received your heart, but you are too young, study hard, and when you grow up, I will think about your pursuit. The handsome man looked at the beautiful girl with a pair of beautiful big eyes burning with great anger,x70 line pipe, obviously a little uncontrollable, eyes flashed a clear smile, but soon let go of the hand.

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