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by on 25. November 2022

What an insane and completely game-changing change there has been made to the endgame in D2R just in time for the second tier of the ladder! In this part of the article, we will discuss my general thoughts regarding Terror Zones as well as their influence on the gameplay. In addition to this, we are going to delve into particular positives as well as areas that have room for improvement. If it is designed with ideas that everyone can get behind, this new component has the potential to be the most exciting thing to happen in the D2R items for sale universe in well over a decade. However, this prediction is contingent on the fact that the feature is developed using concepts that everyone can get behind.



The Two Most Crucial Changes That Should Be Made According To What We Want To See


  1. Our team has come up with a couple of simple adjustments that, in our opinion, could make a significant difference in the overall quality of these zones without rendering them unwieldy for use later on in the grind for level 99

  2. After putting the new Terror Zones experimental feature through its paces on the Patch 2

  3. 5 Public Test Realm (PTR), our team has come up with a couple of simple adjustments that, after putting the new Terror Zones experimental feature through its paces on the Patch 2

  4. 5 Public Test RealWe would be grateful for your assistance in bringing about the following two changes while maintaining a unified front:

1. Decrease the maximum Area Level in Hell by four to six levels, bringing the levels of the monsters down to somewhere between 90 and 92 and 94 and 95 respectively. It would appear that this is the optimal setting, based on the extensive testing that has been done, for making them relevant (competitive with Season 1 starts) without excessively devaluing the accomplishment of reaching Level 99. The testing has shown that this is the optimal setting for making them relevant (competitive with Season 1 starts). At this point in time, 96/98/99 seems a little excessive with regard to the hyper-acceleration of this grind. Because of this, races will be completed in an excessively short amount of time, and for a large number of veteran players who have always taken pleasure in the grind, it will no longer have any significance. The fact that D2R ladder items is possible for Solo P1 to quickly grind up to 99 is yet another drawback of the current leveling system search here. This may lead to a general reduction in the amount of time spent in grouping.

2. Ensure that hazardous pursuits take place in hazardous environments. It would be to everyone's advantage if every Unique and Super Unique mob that could be found in these areas had an additional affix that made them more dangerous and increased the likelihood that they would roll negative auras. As a consequence of this, Uniques in these areas would be on par with Super Uniques, which would result in Super Uniques posing an exceptionally high risk. If they really wanted these monsters to stand out from the rest of the pack, they could even give them new modifiers and auras that would make them unique. Small buffs to all of the monsters in these zones, such as an increase in life or damage (+%Life/Dmg), or perhaps increased character penalties (-res, -dmg, -dr, etc.), could make these areas seem a little more convincing. These adjustments could also be used to make the monsters found in these areas harder to kill than they currently are.


Extra Valuable Suggestions for the Advancement of the Situation

The following are some additional alterations that will have less of an effect on the game as a whole but could, in my opinion, contribute to the Terror Zones having an extremely favorable impact on the gameplay:

1. The total number of potential Terror Zones should be expanded to include more regions. It seems as though several locations, such as Swampy Pit, The Pit, Ancient Tunnels, and others, were left out of the game for no apparent reason.

Displaying the item's level on the item itself would make it much simpler to comprehend the influence that Charms have on other D2R items that are found in these regions.

3. Remove the penalty for the difference in Monster Level and Character Level from the calculation for Attack Rating so that this change does not punish AR-Based Builds and Melee Builds an excessive amount. When it comes to Uber-Killing, this has the potential to bring more parity to the Smiter class while also assisting in other facets of the game.

4. Include the possibility that random Magic Immune guest monsters could sometimes randomly appear in a Terror Zone (in order to provide more balance against the supremacy of Magic Damage builds and to bring parity with what Baal Wave 2 already does for the 99 grinds and Hammerdins and other things of this nature).

5. Create a high experience penalty for underdeveloped Characters entering a Terror Zone (20/40/60 Character Level Breakpoints like with the Ancients Quests in each difficulty), in order to prevent power-leveling abuse scenarios that go beyond what is already experienced in the game with Grushing and Chaos and other such things. This is to prevent power-leveling abuse scenarios that go beyond what is already experienced in the game with Grushing and Chaos and other such things.

6. Despite the fact that the monsters in the Terror Zone have already been spawned, reset the levels of all of the monsters in the Terror Zone to the default levels for the monsters in that area. This must be done even if the corruption has been removed.(in order to prevent potential abuse scenarios, such as pre-spawning and holding games indefinitely for a Streamer, etc., as Secret Cow Level Terror Zones spawned in P8)

Ineffective Ideas

Following is a list of ideas that, after careful consideration, we've come to the conclusion either won't work or will make the game worse:

1. Multiple Danger Zones within an hour's time (people will simply choose the one that is in their best interest and ignore the other one or ones). One of the purposes of these Zones, in addition to expanding the number of areas that can be farmed, is to put to the test builds that might not be up to the challenge of a particular area or to draw attention to builds that are typically not favored by areas that are currently ranked at Meta-99. Another purpose of these Zones is to increase the number of areas that can be farmed.

2. Alterations were made to the defenses that were afforded to monsters. Given that immunities are the only thing that currently encourages build diversity due to the fact that only particular regions can be farmed effectively with particular builds, or more accurately, that particular builds are particularly powerful in particular regions, removing immunities entirely would just favor faster clearing builds even more so. This is because, at the present time, immunities are the only thing that serves the purpose of promoting the building of diversity. Because of how effective Terror Zones are, doing so would make this problem a great deal worse. Additional immunities of level two or higher make them significantly more challenging to play solo or in any other configuration.

The very last word

Everything is running like clockwork at this point:

1. A wide variety of environments in which farming can be done, as well as types of buildings that can be used to advance levels.

2. The Influence of Noise and Light Indicators

3. The maintenance of a sense of equilibrium within these areas in relation to other areas and farming strategies is accomplished through the use of a time-based rotation of a single area that takes place every hour.

4. Alternative Approaches to Merely Slicing the Difficulty Levels in Half Other than This

5. New possibilities to acquire treasure

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